The 3E/OGL release of Halls of the Mountain King has gone to the patrons who supported this project; these patrons both contributed to and funded its creation.

The resulting 175-page saga takes characters from 8th to 12th level as they fight a range of foes in the abandoned halls of a major dwarven holding: everything from giants to secret societies, including a dozen new monsters, great NPCs, and a range of traps and puzzles.

The party explores the Halls from the mountain summit to the deeps in the biggest and best dwarf-centric adventure ever published. If we do say so ourselves.

The primary designers are Tim Connors, Michael Furlanetto, Brandon Hodge, Ben McFarland, and Daniel Voyce. The adventure was developed by Wolfgang Baur and edited by Michael McArtor.

Artists included Malcolm McClinton, Pat Loboyko, and Hugo Solis, and the cartographers include Jonathan Roberts, Sean Macdonald, and Lucas Haley.

Finally, much credit also goes to the patrons for their brainstorms, fine-tuning, playtest results, and suggestions.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! The next Open Design project will be announced in July, and the 4th Edition version of Halls of the Mountain King is still on track for an August release.

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