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Trapsmith: Faneway of Air

Trapsmith: Faneway of Air

mountain shrine“A man of conviction and piety will walk the fanes at least once in his life. To walk the fanes is to tread in the footsteps of the saints; it is a test of faith. A test where the righteous are rewarded and the false are punished.”

The Faneway of Air straddles the highest mountain of the realm, spiralling upward toward the peak. Each part of the faneway presents a test of faith for a cleric sharing the faneway’s domain. To others, it presents deadly peril.

The First Fane: Blast of Electricity Trap (CR 5)

A 10-ft.-tall statue of a woman stands in the middle of a 30-ft.-wide passageway. Four large pillars surround the statue, casting long shadows over it. The distance from each pillar to the statue is 15 ft. Strong winds blow through the passageway…

Knowledge (religion) (DC 13)—The statue represents the Queen of Air and Darkness.

Knowledge (religion) (DC 18)—You recall the following piece of relevant dogma: “Air, like Darkness, obscures.”

If the statue perceives anything passing the pillars, it unleashes a crackling blast of electricity that affects all creatures between the statues and the pillars.

Type magic; Perception DC 28; Disable Device DC 28
Trigger visual (arcane eye); Reset automatic
Effect blast of electricity (6d6 electricity damage, Reflex DC 16 for half damage); multiple targets (all targets between the statue and the pillars)

Standing next to a pillar and casting obscuring mist is a way to bypass the trap’s visual trigger: the strong winds dissipate the mist in one round.

The Second Fane: Forceful Winds Trap (CR 6)

The path you have been following widens to almost 20 ft. before ending abruptly: a 15-ft.-wide section of the path has dropped away. The mountain wall is wet, slippery, and quite treacherous.

Using the wall to cross the chasm requires a Climb check (DC 30). Jumping across the 15-ft.-wide chasm would normally be a relatively easy Jump check (DC 15), but a magical trap activates as soon as a creature makes the jump. The trap unleashes severe winds that double the Jump check DC to 30. Failure to make the check results in a fall down the chasm.

Type mechanical and magic; Perception DC 28; Disable Device DC 28
Trigger proximity (alarm); Reset automatic
Effect spell effect (gust of wind, doubles DC of all Jump checks to cross the section); multiple targets (all targets jumping across the 15-ft.-wide section)
Effect fall into chasm (6d6 falling damage); multiple targets (all who fail to cross the 15-ft.-wide section)

The Third Fane: Chosen of Air Trap (CR 24)

A dozen 20-ft.-tall iron statues surround a small pyramid of sorts. The top of the pyramid can be reached by ascending seven steps.

Succeeding on a Knowledge (religion) (DC 15) check reveals that every deity with dominion over the Air domain is represented by one of the statues.

Ascending to the top of the pyramid triggers the trap. Bolts of lighting strike every iron statue before arcing to the target who stands on top of the pyramid.

Type magic; Perception DC 45; Disable Device DC 45
Trigger location; Reset automatic
Effect spell effect (maximized chain lightning, 120 electricity damage, Reflex DC 23 for half damage); multiple targets (20 additional targets within 30 ft. of the primary target)
Effect gain the boon of the chosen ability

Boon of the Chosen (Sp) You have walked the Faneway of Air and survived the ordeal. By spending three uses of your lighting arc ability as a standard action, you unleash a powerful blast of lighting targeting any foe within 60 ft. as a ranged touch attack. This blast of lighting deals 2d10+20 electricity damage.

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  1. Thank you, yes faneways do have a lot of potential and give a divine oriented class some spotlight.

    Any domain requests?

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