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Download a Free Issue of Kobold Quarterly Through Feb. 9

Download a Free Issue of Kobold Quarterly Through Feb. 9

Dire Weasel with both Pathfinder and 4E D&D statsCurses! Those dirty gnomes drugged our guard weasels—using weaselnip, the blighters!—and broke into the Kobold’s vault!

Until we sober them up, there’s nothing the kobolds can do to stop you from downloading a FREE issue of Kobold Quarterly magazine. Go to the KQ Store, add issue #11 to your cart, and enter the coupon code KQ11Gift at checkout to snatch a PDF copy of your own.

In its pages you’ll find:

  • The Ecology of the Vampire
  • The Uvandir, John Wick’s amazing take on dwarves
  • DM Advice from Mike Mearls, Robin Laws, Jason Buhlman, and others
  • The Wish Spell in 4th Edition
  • 4E Paragon Paths for Minotaur, Kobold, Hobgoblin and Bugbear PCs
  • The Spell-less Ranger, a Pathfinder core class
  • Monte Cook’s Game Theories

And tons more!

The weasels will be alert and back on duty on February 9, so act now (and tell your friends)!

More Good Stuff
While you’re there you might also want to buy a copy of the new issue, Kobold Quarterly #16. It includes Harem Assassins, Magic of Golarion, Clockwork Adepts, Ecology of the Gearforged, Armies of Zobeck, a Robin Laws interview, and the launch of our biggest Open Design project ever: the world of Midgard! Plus more great stuff from Monte Cook and the other regular contributors. Heck, you might even want to subscribe for just $16 so you don’t miss a single issue.

Okay, time for us to fix this weasel problem. Jiro, you round them up and I’ll start brewing the coffee. Stupid gnomes…

17 thoughts on “Download a Free Issue of Kobold Quarterly Through Feb. 9”

  1. This reminds me, Wolfgang, would John Wick’s unique take on the core races be appropriate for your campaign setting? He’s done the Humans, Elves, and Gnomes, right? Any word on the others?

  2. John’s take on the the core races might fit in Midgard, though in some cases it’s a bit of a stretch.

    He’s also done dwarves as the uvandir (in issue #11) and the haffun/halflings.

  3. @Steve. Thanks for crossposting! We appreciate having the news spread far and wide across the internet kingdom!

  4. Shared with my friends…

    Taking over the world one Kobold at a time…

    Now, I just need to renew my own subscription!


  5. Very cool!

    Great choice for a free issue! :)

    Has this offer been posted over at Paizo.com yet? I don’t think I saw it earlier today …

  6. Thanks Marc! Small but fierce means we do try to lead with good stuff.

    Hasn’t been posted at Paizo.com yet, so go for it.

    If you can also mention or comment on the Visions of the Oracle release from yesterday, it would be much appreciated as well.

  7. Is the server keeping up? My download was at a trickle, and then died leaving the zip incomplete. First and last time I use KQS for digital.

  8. Labsenpai, sorry to disappoint. We’re a very small shop, and yeah, sometimes our server doesn’t keep up.

    If you feel like giving it a second chance, it will likely be a much faster download tomorrow.

  9. Kobold Minion #1

    Problem downloading? If you’ve tried downloading KQ 11 and the file doesn’t work, email me — subscriptions at koboldquarterly dot com and I’ll get you set.

  10. What perfect timing! I am in the middle of building a ranger, and in the middle of reading up on Treantmonk’s guide to Rangers over at the Paizo boards, also bumped into a reference to this very issue and was curious about it. Money’s tight, and so buying a copy was not currently an option. You guys seriously rock.

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