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Adventure in the Underdeep: Sunken Empires Has Arrived

Adventure in the Underdeep: Sunken Empires Has Arrived

Ahoy there, mate! Are you ready to shed your lubberly ways, haul anchor, and explore the mysteries that lie beneath the waves? Ready to wield a lightning spear or a Lemurian coil weapon against the terrors of the Underdeep in search of a king’s ransom in gold?

Excellent! Because Sunken Empires is officially here.

Sunken Empires is a setting-neutral sourcebook for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that details the human and merfolk settlements that coexist amid the ruins of an ancient civilization. Close by, these ruins plunge into the forbidden depths of the Underdeep, where vicious sea creatures lurk and sunken palaces and temples conceal vast wealth…

It includes an introduction from D&D designer David “Zeb” Cook (creator of the aboleths), tips on how to design cataclysmic disasters, weapons and technology such as the lightning spear and Lemurian coil weapons, new spells and magic of the sea, and new monsters including coral drakes, drowned maidens, and goblin sharks.

If your gamer’s blood is stirred by watery tales such as H.P. Lovecraft’s “Call of Cthulhu” and “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” Fritz Leiber’s swords and sorcery adventure “The Sunken Land,” Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, the legends of Lemuria and Atlantis, and accounts of pirate battles that sent treasure-laden ships to the ocean floor, this is your sourcebook!

Take a deep breath and make the plunge—buy Sunken Empires today at the Kobold Store.

10 thoughts on “Adventure in the Underdeep: Sunken Empires Has Arrived”

  1. I confess, one of my favorite elements of SE is that it is full of ways to lure a party off the shore: lost tech, magic, new spells that bridge the gap from shore to surface to underdeep.

  2. I’ve taken a Dungeon Mastering hiatus since the local gaming store closed, but for something this cool, I’m definately going have to rethink that.

  3. Alright! So glad it’s out. Can’t wait to see all the art and the surgical precision of the final draft.

  4. The interior art by Hugo Solis, Christophe Swal, and Pat Loboyko is a definite highlight (and the cover ain’t bad either!). And you know, the map by Jonathan Roberts should count toward interior art as well.

  5. The adventure From Shore to Sea is set in Golarion and published by Paizo. The sourcebook Sunken Empires is setting neutral and can easily be ported into just about any world.


    I just thumbed through my advance patron copy. And as a disclaimer, I have a design credit on this (for some really minor stuff).

    But I got to say… This is a frackin’ awesome book. I can’t be polite about it.

    First impression: The art, the layout.. this is very professionally put together. It does not look like a cheap PDF product, because it isn’t.

    Second impression: it’s meaty as hell. I want to say it’s comprehensive, but I don’t want someone to come back argue the definition of what that really means. But let me put it this way.. I think it signifiantly bridges any gap in presenting and running aquatic based adventures, especially those with an ‘Atlantean’ theme.

    Absolutely outstanding. And more than just providing concrete material you can drop right in your game, there are plenty of sidebars for expanding the material on your own.

    Not to sound like a shill, but this one will be worth getting- because after looking through it.. you’re going to get your money’s worth. All the flowery praise aside and when it comes right down to it, that’s what I’m seeing here. A very professional and thorough examination of the topic that is going to give people a rock solid value for their money.

  7. I got my free pdf and had to buy the physical copy. It’s good, I’m beginning to think more and more about a kind of adventure path set in my own custom world. Aboleth to be the end boss, I’m thinking of adding sorcerer and priest levels to bump the CR.

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