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Collection of Curiosities: Under the Pile of Bones

Collection of Curiosities: Under the Pile of Bones

Monsters of Sin - Envy, Bone SwarmAs you’re wandering the deserts and savannas of the Southlands Kickstarter, you might find any one of the following things under a pile of bones. You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

d12. Curiosity

  1. The imprint in the hardened soil under the humanoid bones appears to be hieroglyphs, but they continually move, making it impossible to read them. Under that, in scrawled letters, it says the following: Do not remove the bones.
  2. These avian bones appear to be strung together with gut strings, forming a wind chime of sorts. At the bottom of the bone pile of chimes is a bell formed of diamond.
  3. The serpent bones—some of sizes larger than any you’ve ever seen—are nestled in an enormous bed of woven black-haired horsetail braids. Where are the rest of these horses? What happened here?
  4. Under these monkey bones, cast-off staff heads made from bronze momentarily look like coiled snakes before changing back into metal replicas of those creatures.
  5. One hundred and one ebony cat figurines of varying sizes are hidden by a vast pile of elephant and horse bones.
  6. The top of the turtle shell that is hidden under these bones of mixed origin promises to be that of an extraordinarily large specimen.
  7. Touching these bones of indeterminate origin causes them to jump into a swirling vortex that promises to destroy any living creature that stands within it. Upon forming, the bone whirlwind seems to follow the one who disturbed the bones. The top of a life-sized emerald gemstone palm tree remains after the vortex moves away from its original spot.
  8. With a flash of what feels like an intrusive memory, you see how your own death will create this boney remnant of your former life. That which you seek is, however, under these bones and is the source of your impending doom.
  9. The bones look remarkably like clubs and bladed weapons. A glyph at the bottom of this arsenal glows when light hits it, and a rakshasa forms in front of you. “Welcome to My Afterlife. Pick the form of your death.”
  10. A swarm of ruby-hued scarabs seeps out from between the bones in this pile and start rushing toward you.
  11. Broken clay vessels under the bones of five humans appear to be wet, and the entire area smells like roses and the sea. Closer inspection reveals that tiny creatures sucked the marrow from these bones. Wait! Are these creatures living in the bones now?
  12. You aren’t quite sure of this, but the bones seem to be attached to each other by sinew still—and there are a lot of bones here. A whispered voice states on a sudden breeze, “Seek reality with each breath, ye mortals. Hope is an illusion meant to pacify weak minds and prevent them from seeing the truth of the matter. Set yourselves free of this illusion, or your bones will join those of Krakamael, the Despair of Hope, who awaits you this very moment.”

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