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Collection of Curiosities: Inside the Ice Sculpture

Collection of Curiosities: Inside the Ice Sculpture

"Jiro the Kobold" by Pat LoboykoFor those adventurers attending swanky feasts amid peerage or others who can afford to have ice sculptures, it might be more what’s INSIDE the sculpture that draws their eyes. You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

d12. Curiosity

  1. It’s not only a sculpture of a dragon, but someone put a baby dragon inside the thing—same pose, even!
  2. The ice sculpture’s belly is full of writhing worms. Or tongues. Or tentacles. Maybe all those.
  3. This sculpture of a sword has a thin metal strip in it with runes that flash now and again.
  4. Someone put a card in the sculpture. Big words say, “DIE,” and then something is scrawled under that, but the ice limits your ability to read more.
  5. The ice itself seems to be weeping blood from where someone stabbed it with an ice pick.
  6. The ice sculpture’s hands break off and start following you around the room.
  7. You swear you see a translucent form hovering within this ice sculpture maiden.
  8. Now, who would put jewels inside an ice sculpture?
  9. You are pretty sure you see a hole to another dimension inside the bulkiest part of the sculpture. The whirling mystical energy ir reminiscent of one you’ve seen or heard about in the past.
  10. Each time you look at the ice sculpture, it has changed slightly. Close watch reveals what might be some sort of creature within the sculpture subtly moving ice around.
  11. What was a dripping form that looked vaguely like a griffin is starting to take a more clearly defined shape. Is it moving backward in time and unmelting?
  12. Someone put a tiny dancing fire elemental into the middle of this sculpture. Or maybe it wants to live there temporarily. Who knows the whims of fire elementals?

2 thoughts on “Collection of Curiosities: Inside the Ice Sculpture”

  1. d13. The Ice Sculptures look suspiciously real in both proportions and overall shape, one even looks like a Tavern Maid who went missing sometime last week.

    d14. The air around the ice is unusually cold. Colder than you would have thought possible. Keen eyes spot a bit of frost on the air near the statues mouth, as if it were breathing.

    d15. The statue is pointing to a crystalline globe above, that lights the entire hall. Within the globe are motes of light, moving around in pairs – like eyes looking out into the world around it. When you look back at the statues, you also notice a glint of light in it’s eyes that looks similar to those seen above.

    d16. The statue is surrounded by an ethereal snow that comes down within a 10-root radius of the art, but the snow never settles on the ground.

    d17. The statue does not melt and seems to be as hard as steel. When no one is looking, it grabs one of the guests and doesn’t let go – slowly damaging the guest, drawing life into itself with which it starts to move.

    d18. The party enters a frozen ball room, with still-life dancers surrounding a central ice sculpture in the form of an angel. The punch bowl is frozen. The rose bush is frozen. The dancers are actually frozen attendees. As the room starts to get cold, the party feels tiny stings of pain as snowflakes touch their exposed skin.

    d19. The Ice Sculpture of the Manticore is life-sized and very realistic, but someone has broken off a few spikes from it’s tail – each of which have a strange blue-green coloration.

    d20. The sculpture is life-like and exact in almost every detail except that is it made of semi-translucent ice … and looks just like one of the party members.

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