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Magic Shops: Flights of Fancy (Part 1 of 2)

Magic Shops: Flights of Fancy (Part 1 of 2)

Flights of Fancy
If you open issue #19 of Kobold Quarterly, you’ll find an article called “Magic Shops: What’s in Store?” by Christina Stiles and Spike Y Jones (the very same authors of this article!). That article explores the topic of how you can turn the experience of shopping for magic items into a useful GM tool, plus shows you how to do so. This article series augments the material found in “Magic Shops: What’s in Store?” but can also be used as an interesting location in your game all by itself. So, what’s in store? Check it out.

Situated in the metropolis of Harkesh, in the center of the Dragon Empire, Flights of Fancy caters to individuals seeking magical means of flight. The store, identified by the large white wings hanging above its entrance, also carries magic items for flying mounts, small animals (mostly winged) for use as familiars or scouts, and accessories for familiars.

The store’s owner, Zingara Paltikarza, a renowned elementalist sorcerer in her own right, is said to have close connections to Yiraz Azah, an ancient silver dragon, devotee of the Wind, and powerful Dragon Lord. Some believe she once assisted the Dragon Lord on the front lines in her expansion efforts, before retiring to a quieter life selling magic.

Dragonkin sorcerer-warriors with wands and katapesh guard the store’s entrance. A few others walk the aisles, keeping an eye on customers. Inside the one-story, high-ceilinged building, several sets of wings and a few carpets hang above the floor. Glass-covered shelves on the northern wall hold flying and levitation potions, along with several potions of the healing variety. Racks below the shelves holds several pairs of boots, some with tiny wings attached to their heels. On the western wall hang bridles, saddles, and other tack. In the center of the floor is a wall of force-protected case of swords and other weapons, some of which impatiently move within the case.

On the eastern side of the shop is a set of double doors leading into a room containing a menagerie of caged monkeys of various species, a number of different birds (from homing pigeons to eagles), and several drakes: crimson, candle, paper, song (see the Book of Drakes). The smell in the hot room is stifling. Several servants are feeding the creatures and making sure their cages are clean; the latter labor seems to be a futile effort.

Flights of Fancy’s clientele include soldiers, adventurers, and governmental officials. One of the dragonkin sorcerer-warriors, Grozzoz, provides flying instruction for interested parties for 15 gp for three, 1-hour sessions.

Recently Zingara has expanded her wares beyond flying magic, to include items to assist marching armies, possibly related in some way to her link to Yiraz Azah. Most of these items are on a table near the back wall marked “Special: Limited Availability.” The store accepts items for trade, but, for nonflight items, Zingara’s offering price is lower than other shops.

What’s in Store

The following tables describe what’s available in Flights of Fancy. Zingara boasts that she will never be sold out of the basic flight items that are her stock in trade. That guarantee, though, comes with a slightly higher price than might be paid at other stores, assuming they had exactly what the customer wanted when he wanted it. Other items are available only in limited quantities — often only one is obtainable.

The following items are always available at Flights of Fancy. If for any reason one of these items isn’t in the store currently, Zingara offers her apologies and either a comparable item at a 20% discount (for example, a 5 ft. by 10 ft. carpet of flying at 30,800 gp in place of a sold-out 5 ft. by 5 ft. carpet), or a promise to find the exact item requested within days at a 10% discount, possibly including a lesser item given to the customer for immediate use (for example, one or more potions of levitating while he waits for his boots of levitation to become available).

100% Available Magic Items

Item Market Price
potion of feather falling 55 gp
secure saddle* 330 gp
potion of levitating 440 gp
scroll of air walk 770 gp
potion of flying 990 gp
scroll of overland flight 1,238 gp
harness of perfect fit* 1,980 gp
ring of feather falling 2,420 gp
ointment of flying** 2,475 gp
ring of flying* 2,750 gp
boots of levitation 8,250 gp
+1 seeking javelin (or comparable weapon) 9,131 gp
+1 returning throwing axe (or comparable weapon) 9,139 gp
figurine of wondrous power (serpentine owl) 10,010 gp
figurine of wondrous power (bronze griffon) 11,000 gp
figurine of wondrous power (ebony fly) 11,000 gp
ring of flying, improved* 11,000 gp
boots, winged 17,600 gp
broom of flying 18,700 gp
winged shield 18,893 gp
carpet of flying (5 ft. by 5 ft.) 22,000 gp
ring of air walking* 23,000 gp
cloak of the bat 28,600 gp
figurine of wondrous power (obsidian steed) 31,350 gp
carpet of flying (5 ft. by 10 ft.) 38,500 gp
cauldron of flying** 44,000 gp
+1 dancing longsword (or comparable weapon) 55,347 gp
wings of flying 59,500 gp
carpet of flying (10 ft. by 10 ft.) 66,000 gp

*new item described in Part Two
**from the Advanced Player’s Guide

At any specific time, there’s a 25% chance that any individual items on the following list are available at Flights of Fancy. If an item isn’t in the store currently, Zingara makes no promises of future availability.

25% Available Magic Items

D20 Item Market Price
1 bandages of rapid recovery* 200 gp
2 feather token (bird) 300 gp
3 elixir of fire breath 1,100 gp
4 +1 leather drake barding** (small 1,165 gp, medium 1,180 gp, large 1,210 gp)
5 oil of tooth and claw (cold iron/silver)** 1,500 gp
6 amulet of natural armor +1 2,000 gp
7 knight’s pennon (honor)* 2,200 gp
8 +1 claw caps**, +1 tail razor**, +1 tail spike**, or +1 wing blade** 2,300 gp
9 horseshoes of speed 3,000 gp
10 ioun stone (clear spindle) 4,000 gp
11 knight’s pennon (battle)* 4,500 gp
12 knight’s pennon (parley)* 4,500 gp
13 sustaining spoon 5,400 gp
14 boots of striding and springing 5,500 gp
15 decanter of endless water 9,000 gp
16 rod of enemy detection 23,500 gp
17 breastplate of command 25,400 gp
18 drake mask** 30,000 gp
19 amulet of proof against detection and location 35,000 gp
20 lord’s banner (terror)* 56,000 gp

*from the Advanced Player’s Guide
**from the Book of Drakes

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  1. Sunyaku, there’s three themed shops in Kobold Quarterly #19. With tables of available goods, and some great rules for making sure every purchase is a bit of an adventure.

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