August 2017 Kobold Press Calendar Wallpapers

August 2017 Kobold Press Calendar Wallpapers

2017 Kobold Press Calendar

It’s August! So here’s a set of wallpapers for your computer, your smartphone, or whatever electronic device you’ve got. These come from our Kobold Press 2017 Calendar. This month’s scene is by Marcel Mercado.

The August Kobold

Discover Midgard, a fantasy realm of dark roads and deep magic! The 2017 Kobold Press Calendar brings you 13 scenes of wonder, mystery and adventure. From the Black Chamber and the Blood Vaults to the taverns of Zobeck and the Impregnable Fortress of Gib, this legendary setting is brought to life by talented artists including Marcel Mercado, William O’Connor, Aaron Miller, and Josh Haas.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll also find:

  • Release dates of iconic games, past and present
  • Release dates of landmark fantasy and science fiction books and movies
  • Birthdays of famous science fiction and fantasy writers and gaming professionals

Let the 2017 Kobold Press Calendar be your companion and guide to fantastic adventure.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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