Archery Styles (Part 5)

Archery Styles (Part 5)

ArcherA character who favors ranged attacks has many ways to master the bow, and the schools presented in this article series give you some interesting options to round out your player character. This week, we present another school of archery styles by Rich Redman. The firstsecondthird and fourth parts are available, too.

Dungeon Archers

The least structured of the schools, Dungeon Archery produces experienced dungeon explorers. They practice fighting in close quarters, where opponents might appear at any moment. Those who wish to gain the benefits of this school must first locate an adventuring master. The “school” passes from master to student, without written texts or centers of learning.


You can make a Knowledge (local) check to learn about the Dungeon Archers.

DC            Result
10           If you spend all your time in cities, or dungeons, this is a good style to learn.
15           There isn’t a school that you can visit to learn Dungeon Archery.
20           There’s an adventurer in that tavern over there who might be a master.

Secret Techniques

Character Level Prerequisites Secret Technique
5 Dex 13; Knowledge (dungeoneering) 5 ranks; Catch Off-Guard, Dodge, Point-Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (any bow) Melee arrows
7 Knowledge (dungeoneering) 7 ranks Increased melee arrow threat
9 Defensive Combat Training Melee bow (club)
11 Knowledge (dungeoneering) 11 ranks Melee bow (staff)
13 BAB +8; Improvised Weapon Mastery Increased melee bow threat
15 Knowledge (dungeoneering) 15 ranks No attack of opportunity for ranged attacks
17 Power Attack Melee bow (trip)
19 Knowledge (dungeoneering) 19 ranks Melee bow (disarm)

Melee Arrows (Ex): If you use your arrows as improvised melee weapons, they do full damage (1d4/1d6 for shortbow arrows, 1d6/1d8 for longbow arrows). Otherwise they follow normal rules for improvised weapons.

At 7th level, the threat range for arrows that you wield as improvised melee weapons increases to 19–20.

Melee Bow (Ex): Starting at 9th-level, you can use your bow as an improvised melee weapon. Initially, treat it as a club. At 11th-level, you can treat it as a quarterstaff (including treating it as a double-weapon, if you have the appropriate feats). At 13th-level, the threat range for a bow that you wield as an improvised melee weapon increases to 19–20. At 17th-level, you can use your bow to make a trip attack against all adjacent enemies (normal rules for trip attacks apply). At 19th-level, you can use your bow to make a disarm attack against all adjacent enemies (normal rules for disarm attacks apply).

No Attack of Opportunity for Ranged Attacks (Ex): You do not provoke attacks of opportunity with your ranged attacks.

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  1. I love these articles. I have a newbie player who plays a half-elf ranger focused on archery. I’m going to show all these to her.

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