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Adventurer’s Field Guide: Surely from the Sea

Adventurer’s Field Guide: Surely from the Sea

monstersch7final-1They say the sea is full of treasures, and surely, seashells are among them. They have been used for artwork, money, jewelry, and much more. Many reputedly have mystic associations and uses, so imagine what potential they might hold in a fantasy world! If you’re running a game on or near the sea, perhaps, you can shell out some of the following treasures to your players or simply let them serve as inspiration for your own ideas. Surely, you can harvest a pearl from something in the list and make it your own…

  1. An abalone shell inverted and crafted into an elaborate incense burner or potpourri container, sitting on a small and equally elaborate wooden stand. The inner shell is highly iridescent and has runic characters etched along its rim.
  2. A simple copper necklace chain strung with many small, brightly colored cone shells. The pattern on each shell is markedly different than any other on the strand.
  3. A large clam shell crafted into a jewelry box of sorts. The hinge, clasp, and edge of each shell are of silver and fashioned in a manner that allows the two halves to fit together almost seamlessly. The interior is an iridescent deep purple in color.
  4. A decorative wind chime fashioned from three long, thin strips of leather strung with pale white spindle shells and suspended from a ring of walnut wood that has been masterfully carved with a variety of aquatic sea creatures.
  5. The two halves of a giant heart cockle shell joined and plated with gold. The shell is nearly 5″ in length and forms a nearly perfect heart. It has been hung on a thick gold chain allowing it to be worn about the neck.
  6. A very large conch shell has been cleaned and polished. A hole at one end allows the shell to serve as an instrument, emitting an eerily strong and deep sound that carries for great distances.
  7. A large wooden chest filled with small cowrie shells. Some of them have been strung together into strings of 10 and 100 shells, indicative of their use as currency.
  8. A pearl nautilus shell fashioned into a decorative drinking cup, inverted and mounted on an ornately carved stem and foot fashioned from a single piece of ivory. A naval battle has been intricately painted on the exterior of the shell.
  9. A decorative candle holder crafted of oyster shells stacked in six offset layers that decrease in size as they ascend. The top layer consists of only five shells, each facing inwards towards the candle and highly polished to increase its illumination.
  10. A large trumpet shell crafted into the semblance of a torch. It has been carefully mounted in place of the combustible end and merges artistically with the polished wooden handle. A permanent magical light has been placed just inside the opening of the shell.
  11. Two small turretella shells dipped in silver and fashioned into earrings. An inverted triangle, the alchemical symbol for water, has been etched into the top of each earring, barely visible due to the reflectiveness of the silver.
  12. A lightning whelk shell carved into a gorget depicting an undersea battle with figures mounted on dolphins, seahorses, and other sea creatures. The carving has been highlighted with fenestrations and hangs around the neck with a simple leather cord.

For more from the sea, check out Sunken Empires. (Illustration by Pat Loboyko for Sunken Empires.)



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