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Adventurer’s Field Guide: Tales of the Sea Mysterious

Travel by ship can be a notoriously dull affair, but tales of mysterious and unexplained events at sea abound. Whether related by an old salt in a dockside tavern or spread by a ship’s crew at the scuttlebutt, their veracity is always in question. Surely, though, there’s some element of truth within each that hides a pearl. Fair winds and following seas on your next venture across the waves, but be wary of the sea mysterious…...

Adventurer’s Field Guide: Surely from the Sea

They say the sea is full of treasures, and surely, seashells are among them. They have been used for artwork, money, jewelry, and much more. Many reputedly have mystic associations and uses, so imagine what potential they might hold in a fantasy world! If you’re running a game on or near the sea, perhaps, you can shell out some of the following treasures to your players or simply let them serve as inspiration for your own ideas. Surely,...

Adventurer’s Field Guide: Great Balls of Fire

The fireball spell has long been the go-to spell for casters wanting to inflict a large amount of damage to multiple targets. How many times have you heard the archetypal and unimaginative “My character casts fireball!” description from your players? If you’d like to add some flare to your game, give each caster their own signature version of the spell. The list below should spark your imagination… Rather than originating from the...

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