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Advanced Races Compendium KickstarterWe kobolds are excited to bring so much more to your roleplaying table — and you can be a part of this effort by kicking in funds!

So, what is this one about? Here is some information from the Advanced Races Compendium Kickstarter itself:

Sometimes, unlikely heroes emerge from strange and forbidden places: dragons’ dens, murky swamps, magical forges and the realms of Shadow.

A bull-headed corsair smashes through a line of skeletal warriors, her war axe sending skulls flying! Her kobold companion darts nimbly in and out of the fray wreaking havoc, as arrows ping off the gearforged paladin’s brass hide and the darakhul fighter creeps up behind the evil necromancer, licking his chops in anticipation of the feast to come…

Bring monstrous heroes and astounding new twists to your Pathfinder RPG campaign!

Join in on the fun today!

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