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Advanced Feats: The Inquisitor’s Edge Now Available!

Advanced Feats: The Inquisitor’s Edge Now Available!

Advanced Feats - The Inquisitor's EdgeOur bestselling Advanced Feats series roars to a finish with one of the most intriguing new classes from the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide. The inquisitor is a lone wolf who walks in darkness in search of his or her target, relentlessly driven by holy (or unholy) resolve.

Advanced Feats: The Inquisitor’s Edge by Sigfried Trent arms the inquisitor with 30 new feats and three full character builds that provide very different takes on this new class.

This class is a wonderful mix of skills, martial prowess, and divine inspiration: a bit like a bard in that it is a jack of all trades, but with abilities focused squarely on enhancing their own prowess. The inquisitor is incredibly well rounded with strong combat potential, an arsenal of skill options, and a versatile selection of spells.

Many of the 30 new feats enhance the inquisitor’s ability to work effectively with a team. With Friend and Foe, the inquisitor and an ally can play ruthless mind games while interrogating an opponent, breaking down its willpower. Shared Judgment grants the inquisitor’s judgment bonus to a nearby ally.

Misdirected Strike causes the inquisitor’s opponents to attack one another, and Defensive Disarm gives the character an opportunity to disarm an opponent who’s attacked and missed. If you want your inquisitor to stalk through tombs and haunted castles to bring divine judgment to the undead, Track Spirits gives a ghost-hunting character the ability to track the movements of incorporeal entities.

The Builds
Three full character builds from levels 1 to 20 provide three very different examples of inquisitors. The Bloodhound is the Church’s ultimate option when it needs a thing found, be it man, beast, or relic of the faith; the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is an insidious agent of evil, corrupting the innocent with open arms and a friendly smile; and the Detective is a dogged pursuer of truth who combines the brilliance of Sherlock Holmes with the ass-kicking ability of Jacky Chan.
You can get Advanced Feats: The Inquisitor’s Edge in PDF format at the Kobold Store. Also, check out the rest of this amazing series!

Sample Feat: Track Spirits
You can track incorporeal entities.
Prerequisite: Track, Knowledge (Religion) 5 ranks
Benefit: Using non-traditional techniques based on folklore and the study of spirits in the physical world, you can effectively track the movements of incorporeal entities. The DC to track spirits is 25 and is modified only by the time elapsed since the spirit was present (+1 for each day elapsed). You can trace the path of spirits through the air or solid objects, provided you have some means to follow or circumvent the obstacle.

Commentary – The attractiveness of this feat is probably limited to specific campaigns or character concepts but it’s full of flavor. If you want to make a ghost hunter, inquisitor is really the perfect class and this feat should come in very handy.

7 thoughts on “Advanced Feats: The Inquisitor’s Edge Now Available!”

  1. This one was a ton of fun to write and I just love the cover image. Big thanks to Anne and Chrostophe as well as Wolfgang and the whole OD gang for their hard work in helping me write and publish the series.

    Its a bit of a dream come true and I couldn’t be happier.

    I have to say inquisitor is a really fun class both from a mechanics perspective and even more so from the role playing side. They just ooze cool and I hope my book inspires some fun gaming.

    Thanks all and good gaming!

  2. You’re right, that picture is priceless. Looks like the guy is about to mess someone the hell up.

    So what’s next? Builds for classic classes? New Classes? PrCs? Or might we see your talents added to the Midgard project? Assuming it isn’t already and I didn’t notice.

  3. Zombieneighbours

    I hope we will see you back for a second series, doing feats for the core rule books classes, the magus and the gunslinger. As proud owner of copies of each of the other advanced feats books, and soon to be owner of this one, I would be very happy to see more of your work.

  4. We are working on a print version that combines the 6 Advanced Feats together. I’m doing a little work on Midgard editing feats and traits.

    I think we can probably do some more after that. I’ll need to do some heavy brain storming to get a nice pool of feat ideas to work from. I worry a bit that I’ll run thin of good ones trying to cover the core classes but its worth a shot. New classes tend to have a bit more space to innovate in so I’m going to study up on ultimate combat and magic to see what they are already covering feat wise and how the new classes shake out.

    Thanks for the kind words and patronage, I’ll try to keep the good stuff coming. :)


  5. Zombieneighbours

    Will their be more content for the print version? We’ll understand if you neither no, or cannot answer.

  6. The print version / compilation is still a bit up in the air for what’s in there so I don’t know.

    I don’t want people to feel like they have to buy it if they got the series just to get a few extras so if I do add more I’ll find a way to make the bonus material available as a free teaser or as updates to the series PDFs.

    The main idea for the print version is to have it in print for those who aren’t into PDF products. We also wanted to make sure it was popular enough to warrant the extra investment it takes. Advanced Feats seems to have earned its keep green lighting a print version, so a huge thanks from me for that!


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