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Southlands Heroes Now Available – 5th Edition Compatible

Southlands Heroes Now Available – 5th Edition Compatible

An archer of the SouthlandsWhen evil stirs in the Southlands, mighty heroes will arise.

Southlands Heroes for 5e is now available in print and PDF at the Kobold Store, Amazon and DriveThruRPG!

Demonic voices mutter and howl in the desert. Strange lights appear among the trees in the jungle’s depths; and packs of twisted creatures emerge at night to hunt the grasslands.

But you do not fear these things. You are a hero of the Southlands — and by your skill, strength, luck, or the favor of the gods, you will become a legend.

Southland Heroes gives you everything you need to play a hero of the jungles, deserts or savannas in the 5th edition of the world’s first roleplaying game. This 24-page book includes:

  • Rules for playing Southlands aasimar, gnolls, lizardfolk, minotaurs, tosculi and werelions
  • New Ambush Predator rogue archetype, Hivemaster variant ranger, and Circle of the Hive and Circle of the Swarm variant druids
  • New backgrounds including Child of the Divine, Temple Slave, Desert Runner
  • …and more!

Match wits with djinn, pit your strength against mighty white apes, and plunder the lost temples of demon gods. The Southlands await! Get the new 5th edition compatible Southlands Heroes at the Kobold Store, Amazon, or DriveThruRPG today.

7 thoughts on “Southlands Heroes Now Available – 5th Edition Compatible”

  1. I’m excited to read Southlands Heroes. Are there plans for a 5E version of the campaign book and the Bestiary?

    1. The bestiary has a conversion started, which will go out to backers soonish (we’re still planning to deliver the Pathfinder Bestiary PDF first).

      There’s no plan to make a 5th Edition conversion for the setting book, beyond the Southlands Heroes options for PCs. Is there a particular element of the setting you want to see as 5E material?

      1. Why would you publish a character guide and bestiary about the Southlands with no plans to convert the setting? The stat blocks for Pathfinder are useless with 5e. The heroes book is awesome, but without the setting, the fluff completely lacks context. You really should reconsider your decision not to convert the whole setting.

      2. I’m kind of disappointed when I found out, there is a cute little campaign book as the Cat and mouse for the 5e, but the background materials are all for the PF.

        I’m fed up with the PF, with all the overpowered classes, archetypes, and tenmillion feat-trait. I like the 5e since the first try, it’s simplicity helps the storytelling.

      3. I would just like to see the whole setting of southlands converted. You guys are getting good feedback on this book for 5e I am 101% sure we will all buy the 5e setting for southlands to match it.

  2. Will the Southlands Heroes for 5E get a print version? Will the Bestiary as well? I guess as long as I’m asking, is there a chance that the Midgard Bestiary will see a 5E compatible edition>

  3. Hi. I would be interested in whether there exist plans to print the revised edition of Southland Heroes on paper at any point? While I am not basing my campaigns in the setting in question, having the book available on paper as generic options for Planescape would be appreciated.

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