Monster Mondays: Anima

Monster Mondays: Anima

MonsterMondaysAnima are raw emotions given tangible form. Unfortunately for those encountering this creature, the strongest emotions can come at the time of death. Fear, pain, and despair are some of these passions turned into monstrosities.

Some among society know the secrets of pulling the power of emotions from a dying person; the time when emotions can be at their highest peak. An even smaller subset of these individuals even know how to manipulate the swell of emotions that linger over battlefields and other places of intense circumstances.

All anima have a vaguely humanoid shape of corporeal shadow. Streaked throughout this form are dull colors that relate to the emotion has been captured. The easiest way to tell when you have encountered an anima is how your own emotions begin to become manipulated and brought to the fore in disastrous ways.

Anima can be created from a variety of emotions. If you want a specific emotion, pick one from the following list; otherwise you can roll. Included is the color that identifies the type of emotion.

Emotion Features [D6]

1:     Fear – Fear Threshold 24. The Fear Threshold goes up by an amount equal to the escalation die. [White]

2:    Pain – On a natural 18+ the target takes ongoing 10 psychic damage (normal save ends, 11+). The natural number needed to trigger this affect is lowered by the amount on the escalation die. [Orange]

3:     Despair – On a natural even hit, the target gains a penalty on its attack roll equal to the escalation die until the end of its next turn. [Silver]

4:     Rage – On a natural odd hit, the target gains +1d4 to its damage but suffers a penalty equal to the escalation die to all of its defenses (difficult save ends, 16+).  [Red]

5:     Cowardice – On a natural 18+, the target, on its next action, must move so as to become unengaged and must stay unengaged until its next action. It also suffers a -2 penalty to its attack until the end of its next action. The natural number needed to trigger this affect is lowered by the amount on the escalation die. [Gold]

6:     Weakness – On a natural 18+, the target suffers a penalty to its damage equal to the escalation die (normal save ends, 11+). [Grey]

5th-level spoiler [Aberration]

Initiative: +10

Icy Touch + 13 vs. AC – 18 damage.

Each type of anima has an additional specific type of effect that may also come into play; see Emotion Features above.

AC 21; HP 58

PD 21

MD 17


It is rumored the Archmage actually discovered how to create anima, but he stopped when he realized what he had done. From there other Icons either stole the process (Prince of Shadows) or developed their own methods after they realized it could be done (Diabolist). Despite the fact anima are not undead, the Lich King still has been known to create and use them. All three of them have taught various cults how to create specific types of anima.

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