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Trapsmith: Noxious Branding Trap

Trapsmith: Noxious Branding Trap

“Praise the knight, for he is a metal-clad pillar of strength.”

Gavin didn’t know why he recalled that particular street preacher’ sermon as he sped through the narrow alley. It was oddly appropriate because the paladin did prove to be relentless in his pursuit. The clanking of metal armor stayed with him, even though Gavin used every trick in the book to get away.

“Praise the knight, for he is a metal-clad pillar of strength.”

Again the phrase came to the forefront of his thoughts. Why? Gavin smiled as he understood. Strength is weakness, and you fight the man—not the armor.

Trapsmithing while running, Gavin grabbed his compass and sewing kit and started to work. Now he needed to find an inn. Racing though the streets, he spotted a signpost that met his needs. He darted inside and made his way to the kitchen. Once there, he flipped a gold coin to the cook and advised him to take a break. Spotting the cauldron he needed, Gavin went to work. Then a set of waffle irons caught his eye, and a wicked smile formed on his face.

As every card shark knows, you play the man and not the cards. If the target is wrapped in sheets of metal, then you don’t attack the metal, but the soft flesh that the metal protects. The noxious branding trap is based upon that principle. In the cauldron you cook every piece of poisonous, nauseating, irritating herb or condiment you possess. The cauldron is sealed with paper. Attached to a compass needle is some wire, which is attached to a normal sewing needle.

The sewing needle is plunged into the paper covering the cauldron. The magnetic needle of the compass serves as the trigger for the trap. As a metal-clad person walks by, the magnetic needle will stick to him and so rip the paper covering the cauldron unleashing a gale of nauseating vapors. The set of searing hot waffle irons serves as a reminder to pause pursuit.

Noxious Branding Trap     CR 4
Type mechanical; Perception DC 20; Disable Device DC 20
Trigger proximity; Reset none
Effect nauseating vapors (succeed on a DC 17 Fortitude saving throw or become nauseated for 2d4 rounds); multiple targets (all targets within a 20-ft. radius)
Effect branding (attack +10 touch, 1d4 fire damage and take a –2 penalty to all Charisma-related checks for 1d3 days)

Next Installment

What can Gavin do with grain dust, powdered or shattered glass, a porcelain doll, parchment paper, and a quill and ink?

The Challenge

Name four adventuring items and receive a murderous trap in return.

(This post is Product Identity.)

2 thoughts on “Trapsmith: Noxious Branding Trap”

  1. Damian the Tiefling

    Very amusing use for a cauldron. I was wondering about the use of a live pidgeon (or several), a backpack, a lantern, and paint? Wracking my brain to come up with something creative.

  2. I like your items, Gavin will outsource them to a goblin cohort because I am going to do something really evil and cruel with them.

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