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Your Whispering Homunculus: 50 Treasures of the Southlands, Part Two

Your Whispering Homunculus: 50 Treasures of the Southlands, Part Two

As a sister to our previous articles Treasures of the Pharaohs and Treasures of the Rajahs, we humbly present for your delectation this article, which itemizes a few trinkets of unusual treasure from the fabled Southlands Campaign Setting. You can use these treasures to spice up troves of well-traveled wizard, bard, or other collectors. No prices have been set for the items, so you to drop them at any stage into your adventures:

25.    A Corremel alabaster cosmetic pot with glass stopper within which is a smiling monkey face
26.    A Zwana lion skin and head, the eyes of the creature are made of glass and ruby, its claws are set with barbed iron nails
27.    A leather bag set with the sign of Kwansi and containing a preserved and wrapped spiders web of great size
28.    A shrunken gnoll head set with silver nails and gold fetishes depicting hyenas
29.    A stuffed war ostrich complete with a fine leather and brass saddle depicting apes eating each other
30.    A leather and cloth scroll case set with a symbol of Thoth-Hermes and stuffed with curious arcane scrolls and dead beetles
31.    A Per-Bastet coptic wooden kohl vessel with carved enigmatic cats
32.    Part of a Maffri treehome – this section being a supporting beam for a doorway woven into which are scores of snakeskins and silver nails
33.    A silver headed Nurian Hook, its staff made of aged bleached wood and set with gold bands
34.    A carved staff from Makwane carved with kneeling female figures slaughtering camels
35.    A Tes-Lurian stone, brass and bone oil lamp depicting a sphinx eating the stars
36.    A magnificent huge carpet from the Dominion of the Wind Lords portraying scenes of misery from the Chelamite Mountains
37.    A zebra skin wrapped in gold thread and cloth containing a dead snake
38.    A gnoll skin-covered headdress set with lion teeth
39.    A Dabuan slaver’s ring made of bone, steel and gold, showing a skull and hyena symbol
Your Whispering Homunculus40.    A mummified cockerel within a curious sarcophagus designed for the creature. Half a dozen black eggs bound in gold share the interior with the mummy
41.    A dozen huge glass Sar-Shaba palm oil bottles made in the likeness of smiling sphinx figures, sealed with wax and stoppered by amethyst marbles
42.    An enormous, superb cloth map of the Southlands wrapped in twine and lion skins inlaid with mother of pearl and lapis lazuli markers for major cities
43.    A Per-Bastet gold swivel ring with scarab
44.    A vast stone object that, it transpires, is a single toe from Ulthar that has carved within it a hermitage decorated with magnificent frescoes of Ultharian scenes
45.    A magnificent bone, gold and glass alchemist’s laboratory crated and labelled Produce of Sebbek Sobor
46.    A rusted dikama with a gnoll-skin and hair-wrapped handle
47.    A High Jungles ceremonial prestige stool carved with the faces of the Three Sisters, each of which has human skin and eyes made of emeralds
48.    A Nuria Natalian merchant’s travelling perfume case, set with silver and obsidian handles. Within the case are an exquisite set of weights and perfumer’s samples with silver cat-head stoppers
49.    Life-sized preserved crocodile containing a greatsword wrapped in mummy bindings
50.    A Viungo Jungle ceremonial rattle made of bone and bleached driftwood.

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6 thoughts on “Your Whispering Homunculus: 50 Treasures of the Southlands, Part Two”

  1. This was a tricky one to write actually, as you know Southlands is so vast and intricate I had to double check everything was right and proper for the setting. Hope its useful to the many Southlands fans out there, myself included. If you haven’t got hold of the book yet, I can’t recommend it highly enough, a masterpiece.

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