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Your Whispering Homunculus: 100 Curious Emporiums

Your Whispering Homunculus: 100 Curious Emporiums

Your Whispering HomunculusMaster Pett’s Your Whispering Homunculus presents only the finest in British gaming. Indeed, you are not likely to find a more comprehensive assortment of miscellany anywhere.

(So much more than just another bloke in a dress.)



“Sleep pretty master. Dream. Let me whisper in your ear whilst you slumber, casting my spell as we go. One day, I shall be inside that head of yours, and I shall be the master. For now, my list is complete—you make things too easy for me. ‘A curious market slug,’ you said, ‘must sell strange and obscure objects from even stranger shops and emporiums.’

“Now my simple task is over, and I can once again continue my vigil. Whispering, whispering as I cast my own spell to become you.”

In a city, not every shop sells potions or adventuring items, not every street is given over to smithies and armorers, leatherworkers and carpenters. Some markets have darker, stranger, and rarer traders. Use them to fill your streets, give locations for random street encounters, or as the basis for clues or intrigue. Be varied not only with the exotic nature of goods available in a larger settlement but also in the owners’ and workers’ characters. Are the traders desperate merchants down to their last copper and about to be ousted by cruel landlords, or are they haughty snobs who hold clues they are reluctant to share with friends in high places…

  1. Longman Sleen—Purveyor of Skins, Tusks, and Fingers of Beast and Monsters
  2. Dark Shorgwell’s Exotic Fish Mart
  3. Togwort’s False Teeth and Barbers
  4. Hobbyhorses and Fine Singing Birds
  5. Magnificent Chimney Sweep Rods by Larkwell
  6. Peerless Sables
  7. Tanperenemy, Kifman, and Sludd—Rare Tobaccos and Pipes from across the Known World
  8. Living Carpets from Kosk
  9. Hog Fetishes and Stuffed Lampreys
  10. Bat Hide and Gargoyle Gums to Cure All Ills
  11. The Dragon Teeth Corner Shop
  12. Dragon-Scale Objects by Royal Appointment
  13. All Things Owlbear
  14. Maester Foffurd Q. Wentwen—Portrait Artist to Kings
  15. The Sitar Shop
  16. Shortstone’s Luxurious Leather Hats—None Better!
  17. The Curious Books About Fish Emporium
  18. Chirurgical Attire and Butcher’s Aprons
  19. The Powdered Leech Shop
  20. Rare Seeds by the Erbedium Company
  21. Catchford Quip—Spire Wig Maker to Royalty
  22. The Potion Gourd Market
  23. Scrimshaw Bulettes and Other Carvings
  24. Capable Barm’s Pigment and Paint Hall
  25. Cag’s Rag and Bone Yard, Antiquaries Our Specialty
  26. Ornate Gates Bazaar
  27. The Carven Angelic Anchor and Devil Sail Warehouse
  28. The Lobster Boy
  29. Cannder Horrage—Fire Beetle Dealer
  30. Slott’s Silver-Threaded Slippers and Gowns
  31. Barghies’s Dog Armor
  32. Yuttman and Sredge—Silver Ballistae Bolt Makers to the Crown
  33. Roses’ Carriage-Breads
  34. M. Marp—Oiled Cloak Suppliers
  35. Singing Coffins by Tirgep
  36. The Choker-Skin Book Binding Company
  37. The Mammoth Horn Emporia
  38. Saints seen in Mundane Objects Entrepot
  39. Kobold Skin Attire by T.L. Warrener
  40. Zarrs’s Colossal Kites
  41. Peacocks and Albino Pheasant Menagerie Suppliers
  42. Pig Mask Shop
  43. Rare and Exotic Leeches
  44. The Gong Emporium
  45. False Legs by T. Uldrell
  46. Xorn Parts
  47. J. Kollis’s Elixirs to Cure Lycanthropes
  48. The Animated Objects Bazaar
  49. Things in Brine
  50. Giant Paper Lanterns
  51. Yellow Hats by Karl
  52. Leopard and Tiger Skins Market
  53. Leather Elephants Decoration House
  54. Squard’s Witch Protection and Charm Store
  55. Hives by Torrim
  56. False Arms by P. Uldrell
  57. The Unicorn Horn Brandy Shop
  58. Chitin Helms and Armor Establishment
  59. Colossal Candles Mart
  60. Every Incense
  61. Church-Bell Makers of Threem Street
  62. The Hound Collar and Leash Bazaar
  63. Trained Mastiffs by Ruddjy Gorsewell, Hound Breaker to the Aristocracy
  64. The Griffon Training Mercantile Company (Associated with the Pegasus Training Brotherhood)
  65. The Green Slime Removal Company
  66. Waterclocks by T. Hubbins
  67. The Alchemist’s Lab Merchants Warehouse
  68. Sailing Ships and Passage by the West Range Seaboard Society
  69. The Pantomime Horse Makers and Entertainer’s Outfit Bazaar
  70. Ertwin’s Luxury 10-Foot Pole Store
  71. The Harpsichord Hall
  72. Grand Organs by Tord, Cathedral Organs a Speciality
  73. Chains for Beast, Bulls, and Monsters
  74. The Choker Blood Physicians Store—Charm the One You Love with a Choker Charm Elixir
  75. Life-Size Stone Carvings of Monsters Warehouse
  76. Rare Maps and Treatises
  77. The Hooded Nun Confessionary Cabinet Company
  78. The Ship-On-Land Spice Warehouse
  79. Mighty Rope Bazaar
  80. The Howdah Trade House
  81. H. J. Porris—Ship Figurehead Carvers Extraordinaire
  82. Powdered Mice and Other Rodent Components
  83. Serendipity Antiquarian’s Hall
  84. Flags to Order by Artrim Horb Witwell
  85. The Rope Ladder, Hat and Hose Store
  86. The Gilt and Liquid Gold Mercantile Society
  87. Leaded Window Artisan Courtyard
  88. Patril McRoggurt’s Magnificent Coach and Luxury Carriage Warehouse and Workshop
  89. The Powder and Perfume for Gentlemen Trading House
  90. Great Fishing Nets and Harpoon Company
  91. The Black Pig Iron Ingot Company
  92. Rare and Exotic Poultry Market and Auction
  93. The Silver and Gold Weather Vane Artisan’s Mart
  94. Pantaloons and Kirtles
  95. Butts, Barrels, and Bags
  96. The Black Bread Bakery
  97. P. Whatt Builders and Architectural Engineers—Long Ladders and Scaffolding Experts to the Crown
  98. The Alembic Market
  99. Pews
  100. The Exotic Unguent Mart and Bazaar

(For additional exotic shops and curiosities, check out the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Gamemastery Guide, which the estimable Mr. Pett also contributed to.)

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