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Welcome to Midgard: Freyr and Freyja

Welcome to Midgard: Freyr and Freyja

Twin Gods of Passion, Fertility, Magic, and the Living World, Lord and Lady of the Vanir, Gods of Beauty, Patron of Farmers and Patroness of Shield Maidens, the Twins of Wine

Freyr Divine Domains: Life, Nature

Freyr Domains: Animal, Charm, Earth, Healing, Lust, Plant, Water

Freyr Subdomains: Caves, Decay, Fur, Growth, Resurrection

Freyja Divine Domains: Tempest, War

Freyja Domains: Charm, Magic, Plant, War, Weather

Freyja Subdomains: Arcane, Blood, Growth, Love, Seasons, Tactics

Alignment: Good

Favored Weapon: Sickle (Freyr), bastard sword (Freyja)

Freyr and Freyja are twins, children of the Vanir who now dwell among the Aesir. Technically hostages exchanged after the Vanir War, they’re now considered part of the family and sit in the highest councils of Asgard. They taught the gods witchcraft and were the divine sponsors of Njord the Sea Master.

Freyr and Freyja are gods of the old elven religion that has adapted better than most to the new ways. Freyr bestows peace and pleasure on mortals, a protector of farmers and a foe to fire giants and flames that destroy farmsteads and fields. Freyja is a skilled witch, so beautiful she cries golden tears. She wears the necklace of the Brisings, an unmatched piece of jewelry she purchased at great cost. Freyja is also the patron of shield maidens. Both adventurous deities have seen their share of battles.

Like Wotan, they gather fallen warriors to form an army with which the Vanir will fight beside the Aesir at Ragnarok.


Elves, the elfmarked, farmers, and hunters are all followers of Freyr and Freyja. The twin gods are wildly popular in the Northlands, the Grand Duchy of Dornig, and in the Arbonesse.

Symbols and Books

The sacred books of Freyr and Freyja are all written in Elvish or the Northern Tongue. One is called the Coming of the Green Gods, the other is Wisdom of the Vanir.

Shrines and Priests

The North supports hundreds of shrines to the twin gods, deep in forest clearings or in shallow caverns, especially those containing springs or rivers. The largest stone temple of the faith is in the town of Bjeornheim, the Temple of the Hive and Flower. This sweet-smelling temple’s priests include a few bearfolk as well as humans.


Freyr and Freyja are widely held to be masks of Yarila and Porevit, or vice versa. Yarila and Porevit are considered the elven faces of the gods, and Freyr and Freyja the more human ones. In the South, they are called Nun and Naunet, and among the centaurs they are the Twins of Wine.

Other Faiths

Freyr and Freyja fiercely oppose Boreas, the White Goddess, and Loki, and ally with the Goat of the Woods, Nethus, and Ninkash. They are rivals of Sarastra, though the two faiths are competitive rather than hostile.

What Freyr and Freyja Demand

The twin gods are worshipped together but both demand equal due from their followers. Worshippers must revere the old ways, respecting the power of nature and the fey and elementals bound to it—new things are distrusted or destroyed. Their chosen offerings include the bounty of nature as well as drunken debaucheries. Freyr and Freyja demand their worshippers punish those who scorn the old ways with curses.


But this is where we must stop for now, my friend. My mind, it wanders so at times. Do come see me again, though, for more of the wonders and surprises of Midgard. (OGL)

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