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True or False? Rumors of danger in the Magocracy of Allain

True or False? Rumors of danger in the Magocracy of Allain

It’s Midgard Monday! Each week, we visit a corner of the wide world of Midgard. Look for standalone content you can drop into your campaign—whether it’s in Midgard or your own homebrew. Find new inspiration each Midgard Monday!

PCs traveling through Allain may discover all manner of rumors. Are they true or false? Decide for yourself as you plan adventures for your players! You can find Allain and all of these locations on the big Midgard map!

The Magocracy of Allain

Wedged between the Uttermost Sea and the Arbonesse Forest is the Magocracy of Allain, the last remnant of the magical kingdoms that once flourished in these lands before the Great Mage Wars destroyed nearly everything. A realm of powerful and mysterious spellcasters, Allain is a land rife with tales of the terrible and fantastical. Because of the high concentration of mages, there’s ample reason for at least some of those fantastical tales to be true!


Goatherds who frequent Allain’s border with the Western Wilderness say that the region is defended by magical constructs installed by the mages. These constructs appear from underground when an unnatural creature attempts to cross the Leukos River.

TRUE? Within the last few years, Allain’s military has installed batteries of iron spheres (see Creature Codex) along parts of the Leukos River. These spheres emerge from carefully constructed underground bunkers to attack any monstrous creatures that draw near. While the iron spheres aren’t programmed to attack Humanoids, their proximity to the Wastes’ sorcerous corruption means they are prone to malfunctioning. Any PCs operating in their vicinity are at risk.


FALSE? The tales derive from a farmer’s account of a large metallic creature crossing the river east of Echlin Fortress. PCs investigating the rumor (perhaps at the behest of Echlin’s commander) discover a trail of destruction left by a headless iron golem (giving it the blinded condition). A study of its trail indicates that it is heading in a straight line for Tintager.


The ghosts of dueling mages inhabit a grove of petrified birch trees west of Sagefall. The identity of the mages is unknown, but the spirits face off every full moon to settle their differences in a brutal contest of magical skill.

TRUE? The unknown mages are Cassondar, a male tiefling, and Silvara Spelltree, a female human, who slew each other in a magical duel over 150 years ago. They returned as ghosts with the spellcasting ability of 7th-level wizards. Every full moon for over a century, the ghosts reappear and duel again. The resulting landscape is a miniature magic-blasted wasteland for several hundred feet in all directions. The spirits of the two wizards can be permanently laid to rest only when one concedes to the other, a task that even the most persuasive PCs will find challenging.


FALSE? There are no ghosts in the grove, though spellcasters occasionally visit because of an unusual ley line running through the area. The ley line can be accessed only via a deep well. Unfortunately, the cavern at the bottom of the well is home to a pair of cloakers whose moans echo up from the well into the surrounding forest. They’re quite alive, and they’ve accumulated a trove of magical treasures over the years.


The Nefarious Fountain is an obscure landmark in Bemmea that sits in an overgrown section of a large park of rare trees from all over Midgard. The fountain is dominated by the statue of an enormous devil or demon that overlooks the garden. The fountain is said to hold a secret portal to the Eleven Hells.

TRUE?   A few in-the-know diabolists are keenly interested in the fountain, as it contains a portal to the hell of Sulfur or fire, the birthplace of the efreet and other creatures of living flame. The portal can only be opened if all the water in the fountain is drained, a process made almost impossible by the water’s magical nature and the fire-infused water elementals (see Tome of Beasts 2) that rise to attack anyone tampering with the structure.


FALSE?  Aside from a few enchantments laid on the fountain to keep it clean and running without the need for supervision, it is otherwise perfectly normal. Nevertheless, students often use the park for clandestine purposes, including the purchase of illegal narcotics, romantic rendezvous, and even the practice of forbidden magic. PCs might come across any or all these pursuits while exploring the area.


An enormous talking frog inhabits Fellmire Swamp. The frog was once a mortal human wizard until she crossed Baba Yaga. Now she tells the fortunes of anyone who enters her dismal lair if they can satisfy her curious hunger.

TRUE? Gorlannia was a female human wizard of no small skill who lived over 200 years ago. Gorlannia attempted to steal an ancient grimoire from Baba Yaga and was transformed into an immortal frog-like monstrosity for her troubles. Treat her as a Large resinous frog (see Tome of Beasts 2) with AC 16, 60 hit points, 20 Intelligence, and the spellcasting ability of a 10th-level wizard. She possesses powerful and highly accurate prophetic powers but only aids creatures if they satisfy her culinary cravings first (rare insects, exotic mushrooms, and spoiled apricot pies).


FALSE? A group of brigands (use thug stats) dressed as Fellmire locals have been using the rumor to lure people into the swamps. It makes killing them and taking their belongings easier when they’re lost and knee-deep in mire. A worried relative hires the PCs to look for their missing cousin, leading them to confront the brigands and the trained giant toads they use to dispose of corpses.


Strange green shapes have been spotted off the coast of Cassadega in recent weeks. These appearances coincide with the discovery of a new cache of vril technology in a submerged Ankeshelian ruin, including some never-seen-before items.

TRUE? The “green shapes” are chimeric phantoms (see Tome of Beasts 2) created when an expedition into the Ankeshelian ruins discovered several submerged air-filled chambers, one of which contained a kachlian (see Tome of Beasts 2) in suspended animation. The expedition unwittingly freed the kachlian from its imprisonment, which then attacked and slaughtered the party. The kachlian now seeks to escape the chamber and travel to Cassadega to sate its hunger for fresh souls.


FALSE? While fresh caches of vril technology do surface from time to time, none have done so recently. Those delving into the rumors discover that the strange sightings are of merfolk warriors engaged in fierce battles with marauding sahuagin. The merfolk are being pushed back by the sahuagin, who are using stolen vril technology to turn the tide of the conflict. The merfolk are desperate for assistance.

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  1. Absolutely loving this Midgard Monday Lore with perfect timing, as my party is planning on heading to Bemmea very soon. Can’t wait for more Allain/Bemmea and more Midgard Lore!

  2. gorlannia the frog! see, this is why i want to play a college of cuisine bard. even better if it’s a table game, so i can show off my treat-making skills to my players uwu

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