Trapsmith: Power Grab

Trapsmith: Power Grab

unimaginable powerPower. Few mortals can resist its lure, yet power is ever elusive. Those who’ve grasped it always seem to lose it eventually.

Trapsmiths, on the other hand, do not grab power; they trap it.

The Orb of Champions (Trap CR 7)

In the middle of a perfectly circular room, a marble pedestal stands 3 ft. high. A golden orb lies next to it.

Type magical; Perception DC 31; Disable Device DC 31
Trigger touch; Reset automatic
Effect gain young creature template (Fort DC 19 resists); multiple targets (all creatures within 60 ft. of the pedestal)
Effect gain advanced creature template (wielder of the orb)…

Using detect magic reveals that the pedestal and orb both bear a moderate strength aura (transmutation).

Placing the orb upon the pedestal triggers the device. The golden orb brightens, casting a fiery glow and all creatures within 60 ft. of the pedestal gain the young creature template (use the quick rules), losing some of their lifeforce to the orb (Fort DC 19 resists; the creature placing the orb upon the pedestal is exempt from this).

The drained lifeforce is funnelled into the creature that placed the orb upon the pedestal; it gains the advanced creature template (use the quick rules). If no lifeforce is captured, the orb’s glow dims and the orb’s wielder does not gain the advanced creature template.

After 24 hours, the affected creatures lose their templates

GM Tip

The orb of champions is a boon trap and, as such, is highly dependant upon the foe you add to work in conjunction with it. If the trap’s effects are successful, the difficulty of the encounter will likely increase and further encounters will become more difficult for the affected PCs due to the long lasting effects of the trap.

Furthermore, after stealing the lifeforce of the PCs, it is probably a good time for the villain to share how that power feels:

Yes! Yes… I feel it, your power… fills me. All that you were, I am! Of what consequence are you now? You are… nothing! I am more than the sum of you, more than a mere mortal. I… am… a… god!

Advanced Creature (CR +1) Quick Rules: +2 on all rolls (including damage rolls) and special ability DCs; +4 to AC and CMD; +2 hp/HD.

Young Creature (CR -1) Quick Rules: +2 to all Dex-based rolls, -2 to all other rolls, -2 hp/HD.

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7 thoughts on “Trapsmith: Power Grab”

  1. @Sersa V

    Yup, I do like boon traps, but sometimes I wonder if their CR’s are completely right => baneful results are so much easier to adjucate (give a CR for).

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking about faneways (the briar king, the charnel prince etc etc) Those would make a good boon trap and their is the possibility of death ;-)

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