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Adopt a Soldier for Veterans Day

Adopt a Soldier for Veterans Day

To celebrate this Veteran’s Day, please consider supporting one of our many troops with a subscription to Kobold Quarterly through our Adopt-A-Soldier program.

We currently have a backlog of soldiers who would love to receive your sponsership. Help send a message of appreciation and spread the joy of gaming by connecting to a soldier today.

Kobold Quarterly thanks you, and those serving in our military thank you.

11 thoughts on “Adopt a Soldier for Veterans Day”

  1. I brought this up to my coworker today (who is totally not a gamer in the slightest), and he liked the idea. He got me to send him the link and ended up buying a subscription for one of the many gamer soldiers out there.

  2. As a soldier currently deployed, I appreciate everyone who adopts a soldier. Thank you very much Kobold for even offering this option. I think the patch is awesome and was wondering if theres a way I could order one for my old BDU’s? I bet theres alot of other soldier out there who would pay to be able to have a Kobold on their shoulder. thank you again everyone who helps out a soldier.

  3. I’ve looked around on a few sites for custom made patches, and it gets a little spendy. If there was a way to make an order for multiples, it could get a bit more reasonable. I’ve got a friend who works in an embroidery shop I’ve been trying to get in touch with to see what kind of price she’d quote for a simple three-color job like this one.

    I want one too!

  4. Send me that quote when you’ve got it!

    I’m also looking at a large order to try to bring the cost down; if I have any success, I’ll certainly announce it here.

  5. I wish I had sen this one before Veterans day. As soon as I have some free money I will support this program. Please put up a reminder in December for Christmas.

  6. Thank you to everyone that has donated to the Adopt-a-soldier program. I got my subscription today! I’m excited because I live overseas and my base exchange gets Kobold Quarterly months after it’s out. I can’t wait to get my issues in the mail/digital as speedy as they rest of you all :). Thanks again.

  7. Thanks Matt!

    Most folks are willing to say they support the troops. We sure do try to make that support tangible and real.

  8. As a fellow soldier who has received an adopt a soldier subscription, thank you very much!!! And to Kobold thanks for making an awsome magazine!!!

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