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Can’t wait to plumb the depths of the Scarlet Citadel dungeon? Love the look of this project’s art? Fly your adventuring flag high with two brand-new Scarlet Citadel t-shirt designs, available now at the Kobold Press Teepublic store!

Designs offered depict a piece of the adventure’s beautiful cover art as well as a rampant owlbear—a key thematic monster in the adventure!—both alongside the Scarlet Citadel logo.

Kobold Press shirts are 35% off until Oct. 16, so be sure to stock up on these or other great Kobold Press designs that strike your fancy. (We’d like to point out the shark bowl ooze and a swolbold designs as our particular favorites!)

Check out the store now, and let us know which shirts you love best!

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