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Review Round-Up: Oh the Fun You’ll Have!

Review Round-Up: Oh the Fun You’ll Have!

COVER_ShadowsDuskQueen-300x388So, if you’re stumped for fun and want to read what others have to say about some of the offerings we have here at Kobold Press, you can peek at the reviews below and venture forth to learn more—or acquire more games if you wish!

Shadows of the Dusk Queen

“Shadows of the Dusk Queen is a premium quality module with a unique mood that very much manages to depict a compelling, short trip into a dark forest that actually deserves the moniker.

Read the whole review at the Paizo.com.

Download Shadows of the Dusk Queen today from the Kobold Press storeDriveThru RPG, or Paizo!

Larger than Life

“The question you probably have, though, is the following: “Is this any good?” – Yes, yes, it is. Especially the giant-specific content actually really helps making the giants distinct from one another and provide unique tricks that set them apart -some of which are absolutely iconic and inspired.”

Read the complete review at DriveThru RPG.

Get Larger than Life today at the Kobold Press Store, Paizo, or DriveThru RPG!

Midgard Bestiary

“Twisted, strange, unpredictable, the stuff of the sort of legends you tell around a camp fire late at night… just don’t get bitten by a doppelrat! Whether your game is set in Midgard or in your own campaign world, when you want to scare the party as well as provide them with opposition, this is an excellent collection to browse through.”

Read the complete review at DriveThru RPG.

Find the Midgard Bestiary at the Kobold Press Store, DriveThru RPG, and the Paizo Store!

Southlands Campaign Setting

“Southlands is an awesome book, both in quality of production and quality of content. I seriously can’t recommend this enough to anyone who may want to add a splash of the exotic to their campaign with story elements and mechanics drawn from India, the Middle East, and north Africa.”

Read the complete review at Somnambulent-gamer.com.

Get the Southlands Campaign Setting at the Kobold Press Store, Paizo.com, or DriveThru RPG today.

If you have already picked up copies of the items above, or intend to do so, we’d love to see your review here, there, or elsewhere!

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