PaizoCon 2013

PaizoCon 2013

PaizoCon 2013Though PaizoCon 2013 has come to an end, the Kobolds have some charming and fun images from the convention to share with you. Come tour the gallery, wherein you can see smiling faces, happy Kobolds, and fun times. Our Kobold photographers were Wolfgang Baur and Shelly Baur—many thanks to both for sharing their images and their time!

2 thoughts on “PaizoCon 2013”

  1. Looking forward to further details of the Kobold Awards!

    And congratulations to Wolfgang on his exciting Con reveals!

  2. [b]The Kobold Awards 2013: “All Kobolds Eve”[/b] was fun and adulatory! Contributions were recognized! Chocolates were eaten! Mistakes were made! Beverages were consumed! Dancing girls frolicked! Petts were summoned! Passive Voice was slain!
    An unforgettable evening for all PC races!
    Thanks to all who attended and CONtributed!! [Get it, CON-trubuted? Its funny because it happened at PaizoCon and people contributed.]

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