Midgard Is Coming

Midgard Is Coming

The World Serpent AwaitsDeep within an ancient forest, a trembling young woman enters the clearing where a ramshackle hut crouches on birds’ legs.

Far below the earth, a caravan of kobold merchants passes through a stone archway carved with the faces of leering ghouls.

High atop a northern mountain, a dwarf grips his battle-axe and gazes over the edge of the world toward whatever fate the gods have in store for him.

This is Midgard, and it’s time to open the gates.

Pre-orders begin July 29

12 thoughts on “Midgard Is Coming”

  1. GeraintElberion

    If I put this together with Zobeck, Iron and Imperial Gazeteers, Old Margreve, Ankeshel, Cassadega, Northlands, all of the KQ stuff, Shadow Fey and DR&GH will they fit together in a contiguous whole, or will I have unmarked territory between some of these setting elements?

  2. Morgan Boehringer

    Very nice cover! I did really like the coiled World Serpent icon for it’s sheer simplicity, and the thought that future expansions might just vary the background color and maintain the icon. Any book with Death and his skeletal horse gets my vote!!!

    Can’t wait!!!

  3. Geraint, great question! The Campaign Setting book combines seamlessly with the books you mention, expands on them and the areas between them, and leaves some areas for further development.

    There’s not enough room, even in a big core setting book, to describe everything–and I’m not sure we’d want to. The Southlands, parts of the North, details of the smaller sections of the Grand Duchy: there’s room for a DM to add their own material, and for the setting to grow in future years.

    Morgan, we haven’t actually shown the cover yet!

  4. Morgan Boehringer

    Whoah! There was something there when I visited this page last, but now it’s gone?!?!?
    Maybe I really need more sleep…

  5. Morgan Boehringer

    Oh, if you follow the “This is Midgard…” link at the bottom it takes you to a page where a mockup of the cover is I guess… I knew I didn’t imagine it! Whatever that is, it’s pretty cool, but again, my vote goes for the simple icon treatment…

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