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Roll up a random fey forest

Roll up a random fey forest

The fey forest is a classic setting for adventure in fantasy games, and the Tales of the Valiant roleplaying game is no exception. Mysterious sounds and lights, trees that move, tricks played by fey creatures, and sudden violence are hallamrks of this kind of location.

This table helps you complete the contents of a fey forest. Roll 3d8, one for each column, and combine the results using your imagination to create something unique for your campaign.

Have fun with the results you get. If a result seems incongruous, ask yourself why it could be like that and embrace the strangeness. Upending expectations is part of the fey forest experience.

For more free adventure ideas in a fey forest, try the Margeve Relic Hunt!

1Bone cageCoven of hagsArgument or battle
2Bottomless pitSpritesCollecting supplies
3Dark swampBoglinCommuning with spirits
4Garden of giant flowersEttinGrowing a magical plant
5Grove of mistMushroom folkHunting a magical beast
6Ring of stonesSatyr-kinInsiding the out
7Tree houseWill-o’-wispSearching for a mystical object
8Wandering riverSelkieSummoning the elements


A bone cage is a prison constructed from the bones of an enormous creature such as a dragon or dinosaur. The Creature could be either a prisoner or guard of the cage.

A bottomless pit is disguised by rocks or brush, but once within a few feet of it, the dark hole is exposed. Echoes suggest it’s extremely deep with faint sounds of the Creature within.

The dark swamp is small and always dark as if it’s midnight, no matter the actual time of day. There’s always movement seen by visitors from the corner of their eyes, but creatures are difficult to find.

The garden of giant flowers is filled with flowers as big as oak trees, offering the opportunity for Creatures to live in the huge flowers above.

A grove of mist is an area that has dense mist at all times which can’t be dismissed. Vision is lightly or heavily obscured at all times. The Creature within has full vision through the mist.

A ring of stones is made of stones of any size, with Creatures living within the ring, or possibly the stones themselves.

Tree houses can be a simple hut in the boughs or a complex as big as a village in the branches high above. The Creature uses the advantage of height and camouflage to surprise visitors below.

A wandering river is usually narrow, but changes its path when visitors are momentarily distracted. The river is either controlled by the whims of a Creature or it has a mind of its own.


A coven of hags often appears as a single witch when first encountered, but the rest of the coven (often two hags, but maybe more!) is always nearby. They prefer to make deals with visitors (usually risky for the visitor) rather than enter combat.

Sprites are tiny creatures similar to pixies or leprechauns that play tricks and jokes. They always have a secret agenda, such as discovering a legendary treasure.

A boglin is a goblin corrupted by the magic of a fey forest. In a Grove of Mist they control fog, but in a Garden of Giant Flowers, they have control over the growth of nearby plants.

An ettin has unique personalities in each head. It might argue with itself or one head can cast wizard spells while mustering barbarian rage with the other.

Mushroom folk are always found in numbers of at least a dozen, but all the folk vary in size. They are intelligent and speak dozens of languages, while maintaining a connection to the earth.

Satyr-kin are combinations of human and beasts, but not limited to human/goat hybrids. Some examples are human/jaguars, human/kangaroos and human/chameleons. The Monster Vault has several good options, including centaurs and ettercaps!

Will-o’-wisps appear as a collection of floating balls of light. They have the effect of portending bad luck, so viewers have disadvantage on upcoming checks, searches or are easily surprised.

Selkies are shapeshifters that shift between human and seal form. They have agendas which they never stray from, becoming enraged when anyone impedes their objectives.


An argument or battle happens between several of the Creature types encountered.

Collecting supplies means the Creatures are looking for food, fuel for fires, or items needed for an elaborate ritual. They keep their purpose secret.

Communing with spirits means the Creatures are conducting a ritual to get aid from a powerful spirit.

If the Creatures are growing a magical plant, they have the ability to use magic to make plants grow as the visitors watch.

If the Creatures are hunting a magical beast they don’t pause for long but are more than happy to accept help from visitors. The magical beast could be something of legend, or roll again on the Creature column to find what they’re hunting.

Insiding the out means the Creatures are halfway through using magic to turn a boulder, tree, pond, or even reality, inside out.

If the Creatures are searching for a mystical object, they don’t pause for long, but they also don’t want help from visitors for fear of another claiming their treasure.

If the Creatures are summoning the elements, they are part way through drawing forces from the elemental planes, such as summoning lightning, a conflagration fire, or a torrent of water.

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