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Kobold Dispatch: May Edition

Kobold Dispatch: May Edition

Straight from the Editorial Director’s snout, the Dispatch provides a sneak peek at upcoming publications and projects headed from the warrens to gaming tables everywhere, so you’ll know what to watch out for.

Though kobolds live deep down in the earth in our safe, dry warrens, we do get out and about from time to time, and even we can’t help noticing the days are growing longer and warmer, and there is new life budding green and fresh all around us. This rejuvenation is a healthy reminder that, like the land renewing itself, new products and fresh ideas are always springing forth from Kobold Press. The scalykind have been keeping busy, doing our best to provide invaluable fare to our enthusiastic fans, so let’s take a look at what’s blossoming around here.

Since I last shared an update, we wrapped up our amazingly successful Kickstarter project for the Vault of Magic, a book stuffed full of enchanted items of every imaginable kind, and boy, did our loyal supporters come through in a big way. We set records for both dollar amount and number of backers, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you so very much for helping bring it to life! Now, of course, we’ve got to roll up our sleeves and get cranking on adding all the new items, art, and other goodies we promised with the stretch goals, but even now, I can hear my kobold companions working diligently to hammer it into shape. If you want to pre-order a copy of your very own, click that link above to sign up.

Lest you think we are sitting on our laurels, celebrating our success a bit too much, there are new works afoot.

We are excited to tell everyone about our upcoming Kickstarter project, Deep Magic Spell Cards! If funded, these poker-sized cards will contain every spell from the Deep Magic for 5th Edition book, organized into complete decks for all six spellcasting classes—that’s over 1,400 cards in all! Make sure to sign up for updates to stay on top of when this one is happening, because we’re launching it very soon.

Of course, our past Kickstarter projects are not simply fire-and-forget affairs. There are boatloads of goodies arriving all the time.

Backers of The Scarlet Citadel will be pleased to hear we expect printed products to be in our hands sometime this month, and we will begin fulfilling pledge rewards shortly afterward. For those of you following our Southlands progress, every component of the four books—Worldbook, Player’s Guide, City of Cats, and Tales Beneath the Sands—are now with the printers or already making their way back into our clawed little hands. Although we don’t expect finished versions of everything until this fall, I can personally attest that they look gorgeous.

In addition to those big-ticket updates, we’ve also got a few non-Kickstarter titles arriving imminently. The Deep Magic Pocket Edition is available now, and the Tome of Beasts 2 PE is due to appear on our store shelves any day, so if you’re looking for a more portable version of either of those invaluable references, watch our store. We’ve also got The Kobold Guide to Monsters ready for purchase. If you’ve ever found yourself at a loss trying to figure out how to make monster encounters fresh, exciting, and new again, this collection of essays, written by some of the best design talent in the industry, is going to ramp up your game. We’re also thrilled to tell you there’s a newly updated version of the Midgard Worldbook for 5th Edition right around the corner, now with additional encounter lists and a full index! Watch for it in the store.

But that’s not all!

For our Patreon supporters, there are new issues of Warlock and Warlock Lairs to be had. Warlock 25: Dungeons is all about, well, dungeons . . . articles on cunning traps, clever inventions, and even the history of the dungeon itself as a setting in the world’s most prominent TTRPG. (I mean, it’s in the name!) Warlock Lair 58: Moonlight Sonata pits a few 8th-level characters against the shadowed machinations of some powerful beings of night while Warlock Lair 59: Nullifier’s Dream needs a group of 5th-level heroes to correct a problem with time and causality itself when a very important tome winds up in the wrong hands.

So there you go . . . a veritable bounty of new resources popping up for you like blossoms after a spring rain. With all that going on, I’d better get back to it, but I’ll be back next time with more insights into the latest reveals.

‘Til next time!

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