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Deep Magic Pocket Edition (Softcover + PDF Bundle) (2018)


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Bundle (Print and PDF)

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D&D 5e


Game Masters, Players


Character Options, Spells and Items


Command 700 New Spells for 5th Edition!

No matter how you slice it, magic is at the heart of fantasy—and nothing says magic like a massive tome of spells—in a convenient, portable size.

This tome collects, updates, tweaks, and expands spells from years of the Deep Magic for Fifth Edition series—more than 700 new and revised spells. And it adds a lot more:

  • 19 divine domains from Beer to Mountain and Speed to Winter;
  • 13 new wizard specialties, such as the elementalist and the timekeeper;
  • 6 new sorcerous origins, including the Aristocrat and the Farseer;
  • 3 otherworldly patrons for warlocks, including the Sibyl;
  • expanded treatments of familiars and other wizardly servants;
  • and much more!

This 356-page Pocket Edition is not just for wizards, warlocks, and sorcerers. Deep Magic also expands the horizons of what’s possible for bards, clerics, druids, and even rangers and paladins. It offers something new for every spellcasting class!

With these new spells and options, your characters (or your villains) can become masters of winter magic, chaos magic, or shadow magic. Seek out hidden colleges and academies of lost lore. Learn new runes, hieroglyphs, and cantrips to break down the walls of reality, or just bend them a bit.

Deep Magic Pocket Edition contains nothing but magic from start to finish!

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  1. Christopher Schiere

    The book seems cool, maybe not the best balance ever since there’s an aoe invisibility spell where the party still casts a purple shadow and you can throw the object of the spell for a blinding Dex save and the invis is 1 minute long and requires concentration. Crazy strong sure, but not for an 8th level spell slot… It’s also laid out in a very confusing manner as at first it seemed like they grouped all the spell lists and then descriptions followed by subclasses. Turns out some of the spells and subclasses aren’t described until later chapters. I get it’s a compilation of numerous other source material but it gets a bit confusing at times.

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