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Dungeon Tables: Random Encounters in Ruins

Dungeon Tables: Random Encounters in Ruins

Crafting dungeons can be tiring work. We’re here to make things easy and interesting with our Dungeon Tables! Whether a crumbling temple, a forgotten city, or sealed tomb, every party loves a good old fashioned dungeon dive. This week’s table provides random encounters found within ruins—just roll the dice to populate your upcoming adventure! The table below provides foes in a wide spread of difficulties, so some results may be easy while others deadly. Feel free to use as inspiration or tweak, modify, and supplement to your heart’s content. Happy delving!


21 medusa guarding her lair
32d6 clockwork beetles (75%) or 2d4 clockwork beetle swarms (25%) (see Tome of Beasts) pouring out of cracks in the walls
4A mummy, awakened from its slumber
5A lawful good fane spirit being pursued by a fleshspurned (see Tome of Beasts 2)
63d6 stirges, swarming and biting and piercing
7A yowler (see Tome of Beasts 2), prowling the halls for revenge
81d6 gricks (75%) or 2d4 gricks and a grick alpha (25%)
9A cauldronborn (see Creature Codex) within the remnants of a laboratory
10Within a ruined armory await 3d6 rust monsters, excited at the prospect of a meal
111d4 ghasts of Leng (50%)(see Creature Codex) or a greater ghast of Leng (50%) (see Tome of Beasts 2)
12A faceless wanderer (see Tome of Beasts 2), haunting the halls
133d6 swarm of bats (Oh gods, they’re in my hair!)
14A sigilian (see Creature Codex) or a rune swarm (see Tome of Beasts 2) hidden within a ruined library
15A fate eater (see Tome of Beasts) curled within a remote corner of the ruin and willing to trade information—if the party has any information it deems valuable
162d4 phase spiders in a webbed hall
171d4 mold zombies (see Creature Codex) being just, like, really gross
18A gelatinous cube, nearly invisible and blocking a passageway
191d4 dread walker excavators (see Tome of Beasts 2), searching for something
20A boot grabber (see Creature Codex) and 1d4 darkmantles working in tandem
21A black pudding blending in with the mold and shadows of the walls and floor
22A wicked skull (see Tome of Beasts 2), pretending to be a poor soul transformed and trapped by an evil necromancer
23A flesh golem (75%) or a stone golem (25%), abandoned by its master
241d4 ghouls or an angatra (see Tome of Beasts), hungry for flesh
25A room filled primarily with bones of various humanoids and other creatures while within the pile are flashes of gold, weapons, and other loot—but beneath the pile, lying in wait, is a hungry otyugh
26A walled horror (see Tome of Beasts 2)
271d6 dipsa (75%) or 1d4 cobbleswarms (25%) (see Tome of Beasts) on a bridge or along the edge of a crevasse
28A trail of rat corpses with no obvious wounds, but a relevant medicine check reveals they are all missing their hearts, and if the trail of corpses is followed, it leads to a gaunt one (see Tome of Beasts 2)
29An oni willing to barter for knowledge
30A bone collective (see Tome of Beasts), watching the party from the shadows
31A gorgon, preparing to charge
321d4 clacking skeletons (75%)or a skeleton monarch (25%)(see Creature Codex)
333d6 swarm of rats, fleeing from a wraith
341d4 giant centipedes or 1d4 horakh (see Tome of Beasts), angry at the intrusion into their home
35A room containing a bunch of junk, a few sparkles of gold, and a single treasure chest—the chest is a mimic
36A zeitgeist (see Tome of Beasts 2) trapped in time and driven mad
37A gibbering mouther, wailing and shrieking
382d6 skeletons (75%) or 2 husks (25%)(see Tome of Beasts 2) with no purpose except violence
39An akaasit (see Tome of Beasts 2) moving toward an unknown destination, that attacks only if attacked, but otherwise it ignores the party
401d4 animated armors standing guard within a treasury


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