Kobold Artistry: Malena

Kobold Artistry: Malena

Malena (Artist: Mercedes Grazzini)Today, we’re continuing to present each of the five finalists in the Kobold Artistry contest this week, in no particular order, so that you can vote on them at the end of the week. Voting will run for a few days, and then we’ll announce the winner.

As ever, we’d like to thank those who entered the contest! The judges had some difficult choices to make, which is a great thing to say. Keep up the great work, all you artists out there, and hopefully we’ll see much more of your work here and out in the wild.

This entry comes from Mercedes Grazzini, and it features Malena.


6 thoughts on “Kobold Artistry: Malena”

  1. Beautiful use of color. A dual dagger weilding dancing female kobold bard!

    I’d stop to watch that!
    Nice job!

  2. This is a great piece… We have a character from every class and that is a great thing!

    You pool the kobolds up in to groups and choose the best from each category!

    Simply brilliant plan!

    Brilliant Art Work!

    I’ve never been this excited to see a broad selection of creatures!

    Perhaps the Next issue of Kobold should feature a whole page of the pieces they had to select from. That would be an amazing compliment to those who participated. I’d be curious to see the other works.

  3. Wot everybody else said. And I love the background! Nice colour shift from bottom to top.

    I’d like to see these guys together in a party or tribe! And yes, I’d like to see a full page somewhere of all the entries…

    Also, it would be cool to get the artists to swap characters and do treatmentsin their style… A lot of work I know, but for Kobold Iconics….

  4. I really like it.
    She dances! She fights! She’s also calculating where her dagger is going to hit.
    May I point that Mercedes (Grazzini), Malena (the koboldess) and Mucha (Alfons) have the same initials?

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