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Your Whispering Homunculus: A Plethora of d12 Tables (Part 4 of 4)

Your Whispering Homunculus: A Plethora of d12 Tables (Part 4 of 4)

Your Whispering HomunculusMaster Pett’s Your Whispering Homunculus presents only the finest in British gaming. Indeed, you are not likely to find a more comprehensive assortment of miscellany anywhere.

(So much more than just another bloke in a dress.)


Twelve Types of Cider

1. Dabshaw’s Ratfest Scrumpy

2. Rumper’s Kill or Cure Cider

3. Poppritt’s Poisonous Perry

4. Samprord’s Sorry Sagardo

5. Mother Mebb’s Brown Deliverance

6. Fester

7. Old Jebs’ Painful Summer Cyser

8. Scobb’s Screaming Scumpy

9. Old No

10. Boil’s Golden Goose

11. Lumpkin’s Nottobedrunk

12. Forget Tuesday

Twelve Unusual Village Squares and Their Features

1. A great elm tree that’s been struck by lightning and cleft in three

2. A statue of a flumph in a neatly tended garden

3. A giant rusty anvil in the middle of a pond

4. Three too perfect stone maidens dancing in a meadow

5. A longboat on a dolmen

6. A cobbled square with a great cauldron in the center

7. An enormous stone hat on a stone island in a lake

8. A marble carving of a whale surrounded by roses

9. A slowly weathering harp without strings sits on a standing stone

10. A stone tower with a huge weathervane depicting a daemon eating the moon

11. A colossal archway of ivy growing around a twinned oak tree

12. A statue of a gnome riding a dire badger

Twelve Sudden Weather Changes

The weather is very unpredictable, and it occasionally changes suddenly without warning before immediately returning to its former state. These examples are given to you to add to an encounter to change its emphasis in a temperate climate, or to arouse suspicion that magic is afoot. These effects can last anything from a few rounds to a few minutes, depending upon your wish.

1. A quick hailstorm (Pathfinder Core Rulebook, page 438)

2. A sudden heavy rain shower (Pathfinder Core Rulebook, page 438)

3. A single clap of thunder

4. A sudden gust of strong wind (Pathfinder Core Rulebook, page 439)

5. A dark cloud rolls over the sun

6. A sudden burst of chill air

7. A sudden squall of heavy, oily dark rain (Pathfinder Core Rulebook, page 438)

8. A distant bolt of lightning

9. A light drizzle accompanied by a sudden mist (Pathfinder Core Rulebook, page 439)

10. Clouds suddenly rush across the sky overhead

11. A deluge of rain occurs nearby but doesn’t touch the PCs unless they enter it

12. A sudden strong wind rushes past, making a roaring sound, and is then calm

Twelve Goblin Chieftain’s Names

1. His Sincere Majesty the Deformed Mutjack Whellter, Devourer of Giant Leeches and Beater of Dogs XI

2. The Great Gubb

3. Her Revolting Inflictedness the Arch Gobwench Lorra Krinklehide, Wringer of Necks and 4. Eater of Foals

4. Dogwak Flintgrin XXXII

5. Puppyfat Halfhead, the Burner of Kennels

6. Dark-Souled Mib, Commander of Daylight, Juggler of the Moon and Vanquisher of Mastiffs, Sheep Dogs, and Terriers

7. Xotslap Xotlip, slayer of mimics

8. Tarquin Thogrudd, the Beater of Bells

9. Snarg the Dreadful

10. The Craftwim, wielder of Slamfidge the Twisted, Defeater of the Fire Beetle King, Vanquisher of the Dark Vegepygmy, Slaughterer of Xard the Triple-Headed Raven and Sovereign Lord of all Gobwenches

11. Empty Lostfund the Bad, Explorer of the Blue Tunnels of Zarm

12. Busckak the Very Bad

A Dozen Minor Afflictions

1. A trio of boils around the nasal area

2. Terrible halitosis

3. Hiccups

4. Too many bent teeth to fit into one mouth

5. Copious nasal hair

6. Warty lips

7. Scabby nostrils

8. Phlegmy cough

9. One bent eye

10. An unpleasant fishy aroma

11. Chattering teeth

12. Inflicted with lice


2 thoughts on “Your Whispering Homunculus: A Plethora of d12 Tables (Part 4 of 4)”

  1. Hahahaha! Loving this! The Craftwim, inflicted with lice, drinks Dabshaw’s Ratfest Scrumpy by the marble carved whale in a light drizzle. Not to be “mist”.

  2. I used an infestation of lice and fleas on a party that held up in a dire bear cave once. Those little buggers are hard to get rid of when you lack the right powders, etc,

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