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Hiring Update: Amber Seger

Hiring Update: Amber Seger

What’s this?! A goblin has Nimble Escaped their way into the kobold warrens!

Hello! I’m Amber Seger, and as of today, I am a full-time Graphic Designer at Kobold Press.

I worked in the juvenile product industry for 11 years where I was Manager of Graphics and Instruction for the Technical Publications department. I oversaw the development of North American instruction manuals and labels for five product categories across multiple brands. I absolutely loved the work I did and was very proud of the UX (user experience) improvements I brought to the manuals and the processes I developed in building up the Tech Pubs department.

During that time, I went back to school for my master’s degree in instructional design and technology, where my passion for UX and accessibility blossomed. Soon after, I went on to gain a UX certification from Nielsen Norman Group. As I was applying these new learnings to my job, I found myself looking at roleplaying game books and character sheets and going, “Hmmmm…” 

I’ve been playing TTRPGs since college. 3.5E was my first experience, and the 3rd campaign I was in lasted for 7 years. As I played, I realized my character sheet was not set up to support how I played my character. But as a graphic designer, I could just design my own sheet! This realization set a new passion on fire. 

Over time, I found myself picking up creative freelance work in the tabletop space. I’ve been doing freelance graphic design and illustration for 4 years on various projects ranging from logos to layout for clients such as ZweihanderFlames of Freedom, Fat Magic, and Teatime Adventures. A recent project for me is Adorablins,a Powered by the Apocalypse card game geared toward children and new roleplayers that I completely illustrated. That was momentous for me!

You may have already seen my name pop up here and there on certain projects as I’ve been doing part-time work for Kobold Press since the summer of 2021. My expanded role will largely consist of supporting our Art Director, Marc Radle, with layout for books and PDFs as well as social media graphics, VTT graphics, marketing materials, and merchandise.

I’m beyond excited to bring my passions and skillset to Kobold Press! And I’m looking forward to contributing to more awesome projects for you all to enjoy!

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