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Grand Duchy: Notorious Fey of Dornig Cities, Part 1

Grand Duchy: Notorious Fey of Dornig Cities, Part 1

Midgard With EagleOne expects to find sylvan fey—playful and capricious creatures such as nixies, sprites and satyrs—in the sprawling forests of the Grand Duchy. And lurking in the realm of shadow are their cousins, the conniving and tricksy Scaithsidhe who occupy the court of the shadow queen.

But Dornig cities also attract other sorts of fey, who for the most part, are mischievous and sinister, twisted reflections of the gritty, unsavory side of urban life. Acting singly or in gangs, they prey on the greed, vanity, or innocence of elfmarked and human alike, robbing them of coin, pride, and even their lives.

Some of these fey are so notorious they are known by name, either monikers given by a fearful public or a nom de guerre of their own choosing. After all, what fey would ever reveal their true identity?

All the creatures were selected from Bestiary 4 from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and adapted to the Midgard campaign Setting.

Ginger Snaps of Bad Solitz

A single tooth fairy is usually content with his or her lot, collecting milk teeth left tucked under pillows and leaving hard candy (or money to buy hard candy) at the bedside. And in the countryside, these tooth fairies range far and wide, rarely encountering another of their kind.

In the walled confines of Bad Solitz, where their territories overlap, the tooth fairies have formed a gang called the Ginger Snaps. What started as a loose association of fairies who gathered to compare tooth collections later turned into a depraved contest to outdo one another, and finally, a gang of nighttime bedroom raiders no longer content with toothy trinkets.

Their avarice stoked for fully formed adult teeth, the Ginger Snaps have armed themselves with pliers and make brazen assaults on the unwary. After finding raids on funeral homes unsatisfying, they went after the infirm and elderly. Now they’ve aiming higher, making nightly runs to yank perfectly good adult teeth out from their roots. Naturally, the well-to-do (and those with access to dental care) are alarmed and have appealed to the ruling Vann Rottstens for help.

There is a bounty out for the Ginger Snaps, though the Van Rottstens would be satisfied if the gang were simply banished.

Antonio V. Sesci and the Vagabonds

The Vagabonds are the traveling troupe of monaciello gremlins who left their homes in the Seven Cities so they could spread mischief in the north.

Their leader, Antonio, found fertile ground for their brand of mischief among the book-loving and devout folk of Reywald. Tricksters who toy with peoples’ desire for coins, the monaciello gremlins first plied their “trade” in the markets of Dornig’s commercial hub.

That paved their way into libraries and holy places of the city, and they have been hard at work tormenting the scholars and priests of the Arcane College, the Treasury of Antiquities and the private libraries maintained by House Aldous-Donner.

They didn’t attract the attention, nor ire, of Saintmistress Rowanmantle, until they made their way into the Twinned Cathedral by way of the city’s underground network. Fearful the Vagabonds will gain control of the cathedral’s fey gate, the saintmistress is employing adventurers—and even cooperating with House Aldous-Donner—to neutralize the gremlin infiltration.

Next: Fey with a taste for the arts and those who are cold-hearted killers.

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