Scarlet Citadel Kickstarter Update

Scarlet Citadel Kickstarter Update

Periodically, the kobold crew will be sharing sneak peeks of some of the fantastic art set to appear in the pages of the Scarlet Citadel adventure. Today, we share a brand-new half-page illustration!

Deep within the Scarlet Citadel lurks a nasty surprise: a sphere of annihilation ripping right through the fabric of reality.

The wind howls within this sphere, but unbothered are the flying polyps that lurk here. In this dynamic illustration by Marcel Mercado, a powerful warrior tangles with one of these sinister polyps—in fact, they’re locked in a battle to the death!

Careful viewers might recognize this flying polyp as a monster straight from the pages of Creature Codex.

This Challenge 11 monstrosity is no slouch—even if it does have an unsettling number of mouths and eyeballs, and likely spines to boot. The thing can spontaneously cast spells to allow it to manipulate and control its surroundings, and it can pummel adventurers with cyclones as well as fists of wind.

What treasures lurk within the sphere that could tempt an adventurer here? The answer straight from the pages of the Scarlet Citadel adventure will surely not disappoint!

You can find this update and many others at the Scarlet Citadel Kickstarter.

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