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Dungeon Tables: Mildly Magical Curios

Dungeon Tables: Mildly Magical Curios

A GM’s work is never done, so to make things easier on you, we’re providing a series of tables to help you flesh out your encounters, adventures—your world. This week’s dungeon table presents our Mildly Magical Curios! Similar to our Trinkets and Treasures table, this chart provides you with forty items for your characters to loot, steal, or buy. But unlike the Trinkets and Treasures, the Mildly Magical Curios all feature some minor magical effect. The effect won’t give your characters a bump to their stats or an obvious edge in combat, but particularly clever players will find plenty of ways to put these items to good use!

1d100Mildly Magical Curios
1–2A thin silver ring with a round center stone that you can change the color of by rotating the ring around your finger once
3–5A linen shirt that never needs to be ironed
6–7A felted brown toy goat that bleats when squeezed
8–10A black top hat that, when doffed, causes the sound of applause to echo around the wearer
11–12An orange glass butterfly that periodically flutters its wings
13–15A pink quill pen that writes without ink
16–17A white and blue ceramic mug that warms or cools its contents to the ideal temperature
18–20A deck of cards that shuffles itself
21–22A human skull that cackles madly when a joke is told within 10 feet of it
23–25A glass perfume bottle that creates a cascade of illusory cherry blossom petals when spritzed (it also smells of cardamom and cinnamon)
26–27A delicate, 18-inch silver necklace chain that repairs itself when broken
28–30Three purple taper candles that never get any shorter, no matter how long they burn
31–32A tiny porcelain rabbit that animates and hops in a circle when set on a flat surface
33–35A bouquet of dried roses that become fresh and rejuvenated when flourished
36–37A white lace parasol that creates three possible illusory effects beneath its open canopy: a soft flurry of snowflakes, gently shifting rainbow lights, or tiny, flitting songbirds
38–40A palm-sized notebook that always has at least one more blank page
41–42A 5-foot piece of twine that never gets tangled
43–45A black glass ball with a flat base, 4 inches in diameter, that projects a glowing replica of the night sky onto the walls and ceilings
46–47Four 3-inch tin soldiers that animate and skirmish when you yell, “To arms!”
48–50A blue clay pot, roughly the size of a loaf of bread in which any plant planted in it survives indefinitely without water or sunshine
51–52A combat dummy that heals any damage done to it after 24 hours
53–55A set of crystal salt and pepper shakers that never need to be refilled (but cannot provide more than 26 ounces of salt or pepper in a 24-hour period)
56–57A pair of gray wool socks that stay warm and dry no matter the traveling conditions
58–60A knitted yellow plush octopus that, when hugged, hugs back with all of its arms, hums happily, and turns a pale pink
61–62A petticoat that gives your skirt just the right amount of swirl when you twirl
63–65A self-cleaning handkerchief
66–67A hinged, velvet-lined jewelry box that, when opened, plays a well-known lullaby while an illusory gold dragon rises from the interior and flies in a figure-eight above the box
68–70A set of steel carving knives that never get dull
71–72A black quill pen with a shining gold nib that requires no ink but writes in a glowing gold script in the air that remains in place for 60 seconds before dissolving in a shower of golden sparkles
73–75A cookie jar that always looks empty at first glance
76–77A shimmering silver veil that flutters even in the absence of a breeze
78–80A silver bracelet in the shape of a snake biting its tale that, when worn, allows you to use a bonus action to mentally command the snake to a location within 5 feet of you, and once it reaches the desired location, it reconnects to itself and becomes inanimate
81–82Brown leather boots that add 3 inches to the wearer’s height, despite not having high heels
83–85A pouch of shimmering pink dust that allow you to use an action to toss a handful of dust into the air that then settles on the ground into a pattern determined by you (the pouch contains 1d20 uses of dust)
86–87A small harp that plays when left on its own
88–90A pocket-sized frame of carved wood that allows you to use an action to hold the frame up and capture an image within the frame of whatever is seen through it (the image lasts for 10 days before fading)
91–92A rug, 4 feet by 6 feet, woven with an intricate pattern of vines and leaves, and on close observation, birds, fairies, and a faun can be seen capering through the pattern before disappearing once more
93–95A red glass phial that releases an innocuous wisp of green vapor when uncorked
96–97A simple wooden bowl that causes its contents to taste like chocolate mousse
98–100A pair of steel shears that cannot cut fabric, paper, yarn, or hair but can cut through metal and stone with ease


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  1. Vincent Terraneo

    I’m always looking for lists like this. I love these common magic items. You can add them as a fun reward without having to worry about balance.

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