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Dungeon Tables: Trinkets and Treasures

Dungeon Tables: Trinkets and Treasures

A GM’s work is never done, so to make things easier on you, we’re providing a series of tables to help you flesh out your encounters, adventures—your world. First up is everyone’s favorite: loot! Gold is good, but it gets boring after a while. Need to add some interesting items to a bag of holding? Have a bunch of bandits that require killing? Did your adventurers find a corpse and pilfer its pockets? (Of course, they did.) This Trinkets and Treasures table features fifty unique items of varying value and with two ways to roll: either use a d10 for a specific value bracket or roll percentile dice and leave things up to the Spinner of Fate! Whether you want to add a dash of flavor to a treasure chest or provide a hook for another adventure, our Trinkets and Treasures will provide with but a roll of the dice.

Trinkets and Treasures

d10 d100 Item Value
1 1–2 A simple tin locket with a lock of black hair curled inside. 1–9 cp
2 3–4 A rough-spun pouch containing fourteen glass marbles in various colors. 1–9 cp
3 5–6 A rough approximation of a duck, carved from light wood. 1–9 cp
4 7–8 Three 2-inch-tall tin soldiers and one tin orc. 1–9 cp
5 9–10 A thumbnail-sized piece of quartz crystal, wrapped in wire and strung on a cord. 1–9 cp
6 11–12 A flour-sack dolly with yellow yarn hair. It’s missing one of its button eyes. 1–9 cp
7 13–14 A thin wooden case, containing several broken pieces of charcoal, chalk, and a ruler. 1–9 cp
8 15–16 A jam jar filled with fireflies. The fireflies are somehow still alive. 1–9 cp
9 17–18 A stained piece of parchment with a handwritten recipe for macarons. 1–9 cp
10 19–20 A polished granite stone with a hole through the middle. 1–9 cp
d10 d100 Item Value
1 21–22 A small, paper-wrapped package containing decorative wooden hair sticks. 1–9 sp
2 23–24 A heavy book titled The Many Faces of Perun. Dozens of flowers are pressed between its pages. 1–9 sp
3 25–26 A journal bound in cloth-covered board. Half the pages have been torn out. 1–9 sp
4 27–28 Half the playing pieces for a game of knights and kobolds. 1–9 sp
5 29–30 A deck of 54 fortune-telling cards. 1–9 sp
6 31–32 A strand of coral beads. 1–9 sp
7 33–34 A wide-toothed comb made of carved bone. One of the teeth is chipped. 1–9 sp
8 35–36 A wooden box containing four dark-green taper candles bound in white ribbon. 1–9 sp
9 37–38 A dusty, floppy purple velvet hat with a broken egret plume on one side. 1–9 sp
10 39–40 A crown made of woven grape vines and decorated with glass beads. 1–9 sp
d10 d100 Item Value
1 41–24 A bone whistle that sounds like a scream when played. 1–9 gp
2 43–44 A silver ring engraved with roses. 1–9 gp
3 45–46 Three snow-white rabbit pelts. 1–9 gp
4 47–48 A sack of small gears of various sizes and metals. 1–9 gp
5 49–50 An incomplete set of cartographer’s tools. 1–9 gp
6 51–52 A stuffed green and blue hummingbird. 1–9 gp
7 53–54 A crystal phial with a cork stopper, filled with deep-red ink. 1–9 gp
8 55–56 A dented pewter tankard engraved with a scene of wolves killing a stag. 1–9 gp
9 57–58 A pink silk handkerchief with the initials IK embroidered in one corner. 1–9 gp
10 59–60 Four yards of red satin ribbon wound on a wooden spool. 1–9 gp
d10 d100 Item Value
1 61–62 A shortbow with no string. There are dull notches in the wood as if someone has gnawed on it. 10–20 gp
2 63–64 A purple butterfly the size of a human hand pinned in a case. 10–20 gp
3 65–66 A bottle of brambleberry wine with a handwritten tag reading “to us.” 10–20 gp
4 67–68 An elaborately engraved fox skull with cut green gems in the eye sockets. 10–20 gp
5 69–70 A porcelain doll in a purple satin dress. In the breast pocket of the dress is a folded slip of paper with a childish sketch of a smiling sun. 10–20 gp
6 71–72 Ten ghoul teeth strung on a silver chain. 10–20 gp
7 73–74 A gold necklace holding a phial of scented oil. It smells of lilacs and elderberry with undertones of cinnamon. 10–20 gp
8 75–76 A brass doorknob etched with the image of a wandering bear. 10–20 gp
9 77–78 A metal and enamel mask in the shape of a raven’s face. 10–20 gp
10 79–80 A pair of elbow-length kid gloves. 10–20 gp
d10 d100 Item Value
1 81–82 A stone statuette in the shape of a tree with its branches twisted around a bronze disk for the moon. 21–50 gp
2 83–84 A single teardrop earring embellished with pink tourmaline. 21–50 gp
3 85–86 A silver filigree tikka dotted with seed pearls. 21–50 gp
4 87–88 A blank spellbook bound in scarred wyvern hide. 21–50 gp
5 89–90 A fascinator made of gold filigree and bright blue feathers. 21–50 gp
6 91–92 A large magnolia blossom made from fine bone china. 21–50 gp
7 93–94 A box of tarnished silverware (service for six), missing three forks. 21–50 gp
8 95–96 A silver brooch in the shape of a raven’s skull, filled with dried flowers. 21–50 gp
9 97–98 Two tiny silver crescent moon pendants inlaid with gemstone chips, one waxing (onyx and amethyst), one waning (opal and ruby). 21–50 gp
10 99–100 A gold engagement ring with the center stone missing. 21–50 gp


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