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Divine Favor - The Paladin coverThe paladin is a powerful enemy of the forces of evil and death, wielding both natural and otherworldly weapons. Paladins also serve as beacons of hope in worlds beset by darkness. Leave it at that, and you’ll miss out on a lot of the potential this class has to offer.

Enter Divine Favor: the Paladin, the first in a PDF series that expands the options available to sacred PCs. Each book presents alternate class abilities for the core divine classes: cleric, druid, paladin, inquisitor and oracle.

Designed by Stefen Styrsky and developed by Sigfried Trent and Wolfgang Baur, Divine Favor: the Paladin gives an in-depth exploration of the paladin class and useful advice on making the most of it. There are alternate class abilities, and paladin archetypes such as Heavenly Beacon, Holy Sword, Questing Knight and Templar.

Part of what sets the paladin apart from other classes is the idea that he or she lives by a rigorous code. These can be hard to define and role-play, and all too often feel like a burden. In the Codes of Conduct section, vows of abstinence, poverty, honesty, and servitude are fleshed out and given spells that the paladin may add to her list—as long as she remains true to her code!

Sidebars delve into the historical inspirations for the class, as well as a nice, crunchy discussion of how to deliver a truly earth-shaking smite.

Pick up Divine Favor: the Paladin in the Kobold Store and start smiting!

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