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Curses for Your Campaign

Curses for Your Campaign

Théodore Chassériau - Musée d'OrsayOn this day, Friday the 13th, we have for you a list of curses you might wish to level at characters in your campaign. Whether the adventurers are digging into things best left alone or have angered someone who has the ability to gain an unusual sort of revenge that doesn’t involve actual death, you’ll find the following curses useful—and they might even help you gain some ideas of your own! As with other articles on this blog, you can roll for a curse randomly or pick one that suits the immediate situation.

d12. Curse

  1. Every 24 hours, the adventurer cannot speak for 30 minutes. Add another 30 minutes to this time for each day that passes without the curse being removed.
  2. The adventurer phases into and out of existence at least once each day for a period of 1d20 minutes. This can be a random occurrence or it could happen at a specific time each day.
  3. On a specific day each year, the adventurer must do everything asked of him or her.
  4. Any time magic is used around this adventurer, the magic has a 1d20 change of failing in a spectacular way.
  5. Healing that this character provides or receives is halved.
  6. The adventurer must spend at least an hour under water each day until the curse is removed or turn into a crow for 24 hours.
  7. Roll a d20 secretly. The next time that player rolls the same result on a d20, that player’s character turns into a spirit that cannot affect anything on the material plane until he or she tithes an item that this adventurer has used daily to a priest, vowing never to use the item again. Until the curse is broken, repeat this process.
  8. The adventurer creates a doppelganger each time he or she looks into a mirror.
  9. Everything tastes like peppermint to this adventurer.
  10. Each time the adventurer turns a corner, a maniacal laugh rings out loudly.
  11. Until the curse is lifted, the adventurer slowly starts to change into wood. In 1d20 days, the character will have transformed completely into a wooden form.
  12. Any metal touched by the characters forms rust. If the metal is in continuous contact with the adventurer, it will dissolve into rust within 1d12 hours.

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