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Collection of Curiosities: Unusual Hair Ornaments

Collection of Curiosities: Unusual Hair Ornaments

Edmund DulacWhether the adventurers are in the middle of a social situation or simply looking through graves, these odd hair ornaments might give them something to add to their own adventuring flair. You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

d12. Curiosity

  1. This platinum filet features dancing pixies cavorting. The ornament nestled at the top of the wearer’s updo is that of a mermaid, complete with tail. She looks very comfortable up amid the waves of hair.
  2. A chain of red and purple flowers, strung together, seems to never wilt.
  3. A finely woven net contains strands of glowing green and blue lights hanging down from it, which the wearer works into his or her hair.
  4. A series of sharp teeth are featured on a leather strap, which can be affixed around the head. A realistic yellow cat eye blinks in the central position.
  5. The feathers in this extravagant headpiece can be worked around and through an ornate coiffure, creating a mix of glimmering color. Greens, golds, and teals all blend together in a shimmering mass that catches the eye—and holds gazes for much longer than perhaps they should be held. It’s almost hypnotizing.
  6. Black hair sticks form the basis of a weblike formation, framing the wearer’s head in a dark web that glints with silver accents and clear crystals. You’re not sure, but there might be a spider in the middle of the web.
  7. The horn that springs forth from this person’s head is purple, with swirls of gold. The wearer’s hair is vibrant mix of purple and strands of gold, and it flows freely, as a horse’s mane.
  8. This gold haircomb has live bees crawling over it. They never fly off.
  9. This platinum hair ornament resembles wings, and they’re large enough to spread outward from the wearer’s head by several inches.
  10. You’re not sure how the person managed this, but the glittering bits of light that shine forth from ebony hair project bright points of light onto everyone in the area, occasionally blinding people momentarily.
  11. The snake-like and sinuous sapphire-hued dragon that is woven amid the wearer’s long silver hair occasionally shifts. Is it alive?
  12. Bird skulls peek out from among this person’s hair. You hear faint birdsong accompanying this person’s presence.

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