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Full Sleeve Midgard: Variant Gauntlet Witches for Kobolds and Minotaurs (Part 3)

Full Sleeve Midgard: Variant Gauntlet Witches for Kobolds and Minotaurs (Part 3)

Kobold Gauntlet Witch

Kobold Gauntlet Witch Variant: Trapgrip Witch Racial Archetype

Born from necessity and invention, the trapgrip witches arose after kobolds first discovered an eldritch gauntlet. In time, with tinkering and experimentation, the crafty kobolds of Zobeck created their own distinctive gauntlets. Trapgrip witches aid trapmasters in their pursuits, and they are often found near unsprung traps, ready to pounce on those unfortunates caught. Occasionally a trapgrip witch will join a party unable to locate a rogue or in need of a trapfinder.

A trapgrip witch’s articulated gauntlet has the following modifications:

Even more finely wrought than an eldritch gauntlet, an articulated gauntlet is singularly focused on the creation and disabling of traps and devices.

Articulate Digits (Ex): Disable Device is always a class skill for the trapgrip witch.

Lore (Su): An articulated gauntlet’s lore ability only pertains to Knowledge (engineering) and Knowledge (dungeoneering), specifically related to hazardous construction and traps/devices.

An articulated gauntlet does not posses the legend lore ability.

Trapsense: At 2nd level, the articulated gauntlet confers a +2 bonus to Craft (trapmaking) and Disable Device, and it provides a +1 bonus to Perception checks to locate traps (this is in addition to the +2 gained from the Alertness ability).

Trapgrip (Sp): At 9th level, the trapgrip may leave her articulated gauntlet lying on the ground as a trap to spring on the unwary. The articulated gauntlet blends in to its surroundings, requiring a Perception DC equal to 10 + the articulated gauntlet’s Ego to notice. Once sprung, the articulated gauntlet resolves an attack as an improved pain clasp—it then teleports back to its owner.

Minotaur Gauntlet Witch Variant: Storm-Arm Witch Racial Archetype

Made famous by the ocean-going corsairs of Kyprion and Triolo, a storm-arm witch’s storm gauntlet is a thing of rare and elemental beauty—often incised with wind and lightning motifs, and possessed of a flickering hue that reflects the gauntlet’s inherent sentience.

A storm-arm witch’s storm gauntlet has the following modifications:

A storm gauntlet does not possess the teleport gauntlet ability.

Lore (Su): A storm gauntlet’s lore ability pertains only to Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (history), Knowledge (local), and Knowledge (nature).

Stormstrike (Su): A storm-arm witch may elect to transfer any and all spell power into the witch’s horn gore attack or into any one-handed weapon held in her storm gauntlet. A storm gauntlet does not confer upon the storm-arm witch the ability to transfer spell power to defensive capabilities (AC). Stormstrike otherwise functions as Aegis-strike.

Storm-Grip (Su): A storm gauntlet’s storm grip delivers electrical rather than crushing damage. A successful CMB attack inflicts the sickened condition as electricity courses through the victim’s body. Storm-grip is otherwise identical to pain clasp.

Improved Storm-Grip (Su): At 9th level, the storm gauntlet’s improved storm-grip arcs out like chain lightning, affecting one foe adjacent to the first. An additional foe is affected for every four levels above 9th. Improved storm-grip is otherwise identical to improved pain clasp.

Stormsquall (Sp): At 9th level, the storm gauntlet can create a squall of twisting wind in a 30-ft. radius 1/day. This squall is equal to a strong wind (–2 to ranged attacks, Perception, and Fly checks). The storm-arm witch can use this ability 2/day at level 14 and 3/day at 19th level.

About the Author: Morgan Boehringer is a freelance author, graphic designer and illustrator living in the Blue Mountains, Australia. He has contributed to Kobold Press’ Journeys to the West, the upcoming Midgard Tales, Kobold Quarterly and Wayfinder magazine. He is also a contributor to the Multiclass Archetypes (http://mcarchetype.wikispaces.com/New+Home+Page) project. He divides his time between various “real” and “fantastic” realms, though his family would say can’t tell the difference between them.

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