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Collection of Curiosities: Inside the Effigy

Collection of Curiosities: Inside the Effigy

The Wicker Man of the DruidsOne of the ceremonies adventurers might witness involves burning an effigy, large or small. If the PCs have reason to check the inside of one before it is burned, they might find some interesting things. You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

d12. Curiosity

  1. The entire inside of this large effigy is covered in blinking eyeballs of every type you can imagine. As you watch, the leading edge of mucus that connects the eyes seems to be creeping outside the effigy, which was blocked by the line of salt you disturbed.
  2. The void inside the effigy has one glowing ball of light dancing around it, which was apparently seeking an exit — that you just provided it by opening the door.
  3. Someone sent termites under a hastening effect to start work on destroying this effigy.
  4. A glimmering portal awaits within the cramped insides of this effigy.
  5. The effigy’s inner walls are covered in fragments of shattered mirrors. What does this mean? And are you seeing variants of yourself (different clothing, different hairstyles, and so on) in each fragment?
  6. A silken cocoon hangs from the topmost part of the effigy’s construction.
  7. Ancient runes cover the inside walls of this effigy. As you watch, they shift and change and move around. What do these runes say?
  8. Scrolls, books, and more sources of the written word are heaped up within the effigy. What words are they burning?
  9. The chained troll inside the effigy has somehow mastered the ability to show both hatred and pleading in its expression.
  10. A simple wooden chest sits in the middle of this effigy. If opened, nothing appears to be inside the chest, but a lavender-scented breeze and a light tickling of words greets your ears and is gone suddenly.
  11. The small fire elemental contained within a crystal ball here is agitated.
  12. A large egg sits in the middle of the effigy.

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