B is for Beasts

B is for Beasts

BNR-BWhen I was a wee lad growing up in a rather Germanic household,the Advent calendar was one of the joys of each year. A picture or a chocolate lay behind each of its 25 little cardboard cutouts, and—because you only opened one per day—the last window in the Advent calendar was always for Christmas. It was a brutal way to learn patience; but hey, at least there was SOMETHING every day until the Christmas carnage arrived.

Immediate Gratification
Well, in the spirit of Advent, or at least Gamer Christmas, we’re launching the A B C Previews of the Tome of Beasts right here!

The Tome of Beasts Kickstarter is going to deliver more than 300 awesome presents for 5th Edition gamers. The Kobold Press crew has been hammering away at it, and it’s looking incredible. Read about it on our Kickstarter site! (Then come back! We’ll wait!)

More Preview Monsters

Our A B C Previews differ from an Advent calendar in a major way; the more backers share, link, or retweet them, the faster we unlock the next one.

Compiled List of Unlocked Beasts
We’re compiling all our new monsters on this page for ease of reference. Check back here to watch the list of previews expand.

A is for Alseid
B is for Bouda
C is for Coral Drake
D is for Devil, Lunar
D is for __________
E is for Eye Golem (ENWorld)
F is for Fext (The Escapist)
G is for Ghoul, Darakhul (io9)
H is for __________
I is for __________
J is for __________
K is for __________
L is for Lich Hound
M is for Maskwight
N is for __________
O is for __________
P is for __________
Q is for Queen of Night and Magic (Backers Only)
R is for __________
S is for __________
T is for __________
U is for __________
V is for Void Dragon (io9)
W is for __________
X is for __________
Y is for __________
Z is for __________

That’s it! We hope to preview all 26 beasts from the Tome of Beasts, and to make a great manual loaded with exciting new creatures. Join us!

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