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Statue of Knight at gate of Dalešice Chateau, Třebíč District - Jiří Sedláček - Frettie

Oath of the Watchers

The Oath of the Watchers originated in the dawn of civilization, although exactly where and when is a matter of debate. The Watchers stood on the walls of the first city and guarded the first monarchs. They are charged with defense of their charges over all else. Many who swear this oath are devoted to …

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The Keys - Edmund Blair Leighton

Warlock: Pact of the Key

In this fifth edition compatible pact, you can customize your warlock so that he or she can gain access to interesting locations. Your patron gives you a set stylistically suitable keys. Archfey provide you with keys of carved wood or polished multihued glass while fiends give you keys of iron and bone and jagged edges; …

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The College of Gates

The following character concept uses rules compatible with the fifth edition of D&D. Enjoy traveling the planes with a bard from the College of Gates! Bards are consummate wanderers. Where wizards and clerics might spend their lives seeking wisdom or knowledge in the halls of learning or in meditation, a bard knows you have to …

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