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Planescape Memories

We weren’t ready for Planescape. We were happy with our medieval analogues, playing brave young men and women from the local village, setting out in search of fame and fortune. But this was different. This was weird. First session went something like this: “This is the center of the universe. No one knows for sure …

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To celebrate yesterday release of Open Design’s Northlands: Roleplaying in Winter’s Chill, Dan Voyce brings you the lindwurm. __ Coiling like a living corkscrew, moving with a scraping hiss, a serpentine form skates nimbly across the ice on long curving claws, maw agape and stinking of a hundred graves. Ensnaring snakes, glima worms, skittering tongue …

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Frozen Empires: Last Call for Valhalla!

What’s that looming out of the misty waters of the arctic sea? Icebergs? A maelstrom? The World Serpent? No, it’s… the commission goal! That’s right folks, we’re about to sail over the rainbow bridge and cross into the greenlit fields of Asgard—Frozen Empires is almost commissioned. True, there’s always room for another strong back heaving …

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Frozen Empires: The Lands of the Ice and Snow

Shadows sweep across the land, black shapes under a steel gray sky. Wings dark as thunderclouds and armor flashing bright like distant lightning, the valkyries are riding out in search of heroes! Welcome to the edge of the world, brave adventurers of Midgard. Frozen Empires: Glories of the North is the latest patron-lead project from …

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It’s a Trap: the Baron’s Laboratory (Paragon Tier)

With a mighty creak, the doors swing inward, and you find yourself at the castle’s topmost level, its roof open to the stormy sky. In a moment, you take in the scene: shelf after shelf of severed limbs and bottled organs, four great posts of steel and brass crackling with unnatural power, a hulking body …

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Tuesday Traps: The Watchmaker’s Lair

Bursting into the chamber, your triumphant shout of “I have you now, villain!” dies in a surprised gasp. This room is a mass of turning cogs, swinging pendulums, and immense gears. Your enemy laughs, ducking behind a giant spring and into an obscuring burst of steam. “Foolish heroes,” he says. “I told you that my …

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Tuesday Traps: The Xmas Files

T’was the night before Christmas and throughout the guildhouse, no thief was stirring, not even the king mouse…. In the second year urchins’ dormitory, the children gathered within a fortress of pillows and blankets and discussed the imminent heist. “He enslaves elves,” someone whispered. “I heard he’s an Eladrin,” claimed another, “that’s how he gets …

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Monday Monster: the Huldra

Tiveden, Sweden (WKQ News Europe): We’re here in Tiveden National Park to report on a sudden spate of hunting accidents plaguing the area. Game is scarce, but accidents and avalanches are more than plentiful. Some people claim that ‘troll women’ haunt these forests, driving off game and sabotaging hunters. Local legends tell of handsome girls …

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