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AGE System Failure Stunt Options

AGE System Failure Stunt Options

Green Ronin's Dragon Age Roleplaying Game
Some people hate to fail. Others relish complicating their lives. Below, you’ll find options for mitigating failure for those who want the chance to recover somewhat and options for those who want to make their lives as difficult as possible. These two options for using stunts in your game aren’t meant to be used in the same session, though you might want to use them both in different sessions of the same campaign. In either case, these stunts come into play on a failed attack roll that get doubles on any of the dice.

Mitigating Failure

SP Cost Cost
1 Learn from Your Mistakes: You may have missed this time, but you learned something about how the enemy defends itself. Add 1 to your next attack roll.
2 Fool Me Once: Your failure has caused you to be extra vigilant. Add 1 to whatever skill the next attack on you is against.
3 I Meant to Do That: Your attack missed your target, but hit the guy next to him. Do 1D3 damage to an enemy adjacent to your target.
4 Distracting: You failed so spectacularly that your enemy is caught off guard and forfeits its next minor action.
5 Get Out of Dodge: You failed, but at least you did it quickly enough to make your getaway. You get an additional movement action equal to half your speed after your attack. If you haven’t used your minor action yet, add this to your speed if you move.
6 Not Worth the Trouble:Your failure has convinced the enemy that you aren’t a threat. All enemies ignore you in the next round, unless you successfully attack them first.
6 Defy Death: Your failure has earned you the pity of the gods. If the next attack against you will result in your death, drop to one hit point instead. You must decide to use this stunt BEFORE you know whether the next attack against you is a killing blow.

Relishing Failure

SP Cost Cost
1 Permanent Damage: Your miss allows your enemy to cause you serious harm, resulting in an injury that won’t be completely healed, even magically. Select an injury (such as a missing finger or severed earlobe) that will be with you for the rest of your life.
2 Serious Wound: Your injuries are so severe, you’ll never be quite as healthy again. Lose 1D6 maximum Health permanently.
3 Slow Healer: Your wounds will heal, but it will take time. Suffer a —1 to your Constitution for 1D6 days.
3 Easy Prey: Other enemies on the field notice your mistake and rush to finish you off. You get attacked by an additional 1D6 enemies.
4 Prone: You not only failed to hit your enemy, the attack knocks you off balance. You fall prone and take 1D6 damage. Getting up again takes a minor action.
5 Demoralized: Your failure shakes your confidence. Take a —1 to your next Willpower check.
5 Off Balance: You don’t recover as quickly as you should. Lose 1 Defense for the next attack.
6 Fumble: You drop your weapon and must use a minor action to retrieve it.

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