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Collection of Curiosities: The Cauldron

Collection of Curiosities: The Cauldron

"Jiro the Kobold" by Pat LoboykoWhat is in that cauldron? Is it what you would expect? You can use any of these details as starting points to flesh out some other interesting things if the player characters choose to look around a bit more. If you want to roll randomly for one, use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

d12. Curiosity

  1. The stench is horrible. Is someone keeping tar warm in that cauldron?
  2. The cauldron hangs over a blue flame. Occasionally, sparks dance out of the cauldron, taking on the form of ice pixies, before vanishing.
  3. Several mice have made this cauldron into a nest. You see random tidbits of this or that, including what look to be bits of blackmail notes and love letters.
  4. Within that cauldron is another cauldron. Within that cauldron is another cauldron, and so on until a thimble-sized cauldron nestles in the middle of it all.
  5. A jury-rigged double-boiler setup is in the cauldron. Clear appears to be melting within the inner container, and that wax is filled with purple glitter and orange butterfly wings.
  6. Frogs. Lots and lots of frogs. Each has a tiny little bell around its back left leg, tied on by a metallic silver thread.
  7. The food bubbling in this cauldron smells of chicken and dumplings. You’re not entirely sure that the meat in that pot is chicken, though, when you see a large scorpion’s pincer pop up to the surface momentarily.
  8. The place reeks of rubbing alcohol, and most of it seems to be in this cold cauldron—but probably not for long.
  9. The cauldron is filled with eggs of every size and hue.
  10. The scent of bananas overpowers the room—and it’s coming from the liquid frothing over the rim of the cauldron and hissing on the fire. Each drop that sizzles away on the fire transforms into a tiny humanoid creature that bounds away—rather like a bouncey flea—down nearby stairs.
  11. Someone is making a rather large pot of sticky candy. You see nuts of every size already sorted out and measured on a nearby counter.
  12. The cook is in the cauldron. Did someone not care for his food?

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