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Welcome to Midgard: Zobecker Scout

Welcome to Midgard: Zobecker Scout

Welcome, friend, to the world of Midgard. Maybe you’re brand new to this world. Or maybe you’ve been around since the beginning. Either way, stay—all are welcome! Please, sit and listen to the tales. You see, the world has been changing, and oh, the sights to see. It’s a living, evolving realm where things happen after all. So why shouldn’t it have a life all it’s own? Where to start…

[From the Midgard Heroes Handbook…]


The Free City of Zobeck is a crossroads of trade and a haven for the resourceful. Some rangers heed the call of opportunity and follow the urban ranger archetype of the Zobecker Scout. The majority of such rangers are kobolds, but a few tall-folk also possess the necessary cunning.


When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you add “city” to your list of known favored terrains. Additionally, you have advantage on Charisma (Deception and Persuasion) checks made against your favored enemies.


Also at 3rd level, when you use Primeval Awareness, you can choose one type of item or commodity. This can be a general category such as “poison” or “spices,” or a more specific category such as “wyvern poison” or “saffron.” If you have seen a specific item within 30 feet, you can choose it. If the category or item you choose is present within 1 mile or within the bounds of a city you currently occupy, you are aware of its presence in addition to any creatures revealed by Primeval Awareness.


Starting at 3rd level, you learn an additional spell when you reach certain levels in this class, as shown below. The spell counts as a ranger spell for you, but it doesn’t count against the number of ranger spells you know.


Ranger Level Spells
3rd charm person
5th knock
9th stinking cloud
13th fabricate
17th animate objects


Starting at 7th level, you gain proficiency with alchemist’s supplies. With 1 hour of work and 50 gp worth of materials, you can create a minor alchemical device. The device ceases to function when you use an action to dismantle it or after 24 hours unless you spend 1 hour maintaining the device. If you dismantle the device, you can reclaim and reuse its materials. You can maintain one such device at a time. The number of alchemical devices you can maintain increases by one at 11th level (two devices) and again at 15th level (three devices).

Any creature proficient with alchemist’s supplies can use its action to activate one of your devices.

When you create a device, choose one of the following options.

Caustic Alkali. This vial of chemicals is activated by applying it to a surface or an object within reach. At the end of that turn, the surface or object takes 11 (2d10) acid damage and a cloud of poisonous fumes fills a sphere with a 10-foot radius around the application point. This area is heavily obscured. A creature that ends its turn in the cloud or enters it for the first time on a turn becomes poisoned for 1 hour unless it makes a successful Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC. The cloud lasts 1 minute.

Volatile Alkali. This flask of alchemical liquid has a smaller glass vial suspended inside. It’s activated either by placing it somewhere within reach or by throwing it as far as 20 feet away. Once activated, it explodes at the end of that turn. Creatures within 15 feet of the explosion take 27 (6d8) bludgeoning damage and are knocked prone, or take half damage and aren’t knocked prone with a successful Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC.

Sustained Reaction. These two small vials of paste can be combined to start a reaction that gives off energy. Choose one of these energy types when you create the device: acid, cold, fire, or lightning. The device is activated when the paste is applied to one melee weapon or 20 pieces of ammunition. For the next hour, the treated weapon or ammo does an additional 1d6 damage of the chosen energy type on every successful hit.


At 11th level, when you are subjected to an effect that allows a Dexterity saving throw to take half damage (such as a dragon’s breath attack or a lightning bolt), you instead take no damage if your saving throw succeeds and half damage if you fail.


When you reach 15th level, you can use a bonus action to activate devices created with your Alchemical Talent or to take the Use an Object action.


But this is where we must stop for now, my friend. My mind, it wanders so at times. Do come see me again, though, for more of the wonders and surprises of Midgard. (OGL)

You can continue on this adventure in the Midgard Worldbook and Midgard Heroes Handbook.


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