5th Edition Deep Magic: Battle Magic Now Available

5th Edition Deep Magic: Battle Magic Now Available


Shape the Battle to your Will!

You combine a talent for magic with a study of the art of war. As a battle mage, you know that fire and lightning can decimate an enemy’s forces; but a well-placed defense, the quick movement of allies, and a curse that crushes the enemy’s will to fight can be even more devastating. Battle magic is not just about killing your enemy: your true power is in controlling the flow of combat.

Deep Magic: Battle Magic brings the secrets of battle magic into your 5th Edition campaign, featuring:

  • 8 new feats, including Battlecaster, Eldritch Lifesaver, Elemental Trapper, and Merciful Caster
  • 25 new spells, including hobble mount, instant fortification, outflanking boon, and thunderous wave

The wind is rising, and the enemy approaches. They’ve come ready for battle; but what they don’t know is that you are the master of the battlefield…

Get Deep Magic: Battle Magic for 5th edition at the Kobold Store today!

1 thought on “5th Edition Deep Magic: Battle Magic Now Available”

  1. It looks really great! Keep up the good work. :)

    P.S.: PLEASE bring back Monday Monsters/Monster Mondays, Kobold Press! Just because you’re publishing more stuff now doesn’t mean you should have stopped all the old great article series you used to do. :(

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