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Trapsmith: No Rest for the Wicked

Trapsmith: No Rest for the Wicked

Study for the dead alchemist -- Elihu Vedder
Whistling a tune, with a fishing rod slung across his right shoulder and his hammock wrapped under his left arm, Gavin strolled down toward the lake’s edge. A day of leisure would do him good—no clients, no deadlines, just him lying in the sun, angling for fish.

The corpse ended his whistling, and distant fighting noises reached Gavin’s ears at about the same time. Near the corpse, a beautiful rapier lay on the ground, but the corpse’s hat was exquisite: a deep blue with feathers in the latest swashbuckler’s style. Gavin wanted it, so he took it.

He also noted that the dead swashbuckler’s legs were covered by rusty spiked greaves. Gavin removed them as an idea formed in his head.

It is bad form to rob from the dead, but a trade is acceptable, and the dead might just favor revenge as currency. The wretched wrapping trap can easily serve the need for revenge from beyond the grave. Once triggered, a hammock descends upon the target, who needs to succeed on a Reflex save to avoid it. On both ends of the hammock, spiked greaves are attached. These greaves swing around the target, binding the target tightly in the hammock before securing themselves in the target’s flesh. Their rusty nature exposes the target to filth fever. The fishing wire wraps around the victim’s neck and the fishing rod sweeps the target’s leg. The fall suffocates the unfortunate victim.

Wretched Wrapping Trap    CR 7

Type mechanical; Perception DC 24; Disable Device DC 20

Trigger touch; Reset none

Effect hampering hammock (succeed on a DC 20 Reflex save or gain the entangled condition)

Effect securing greaves (+20 melee, 2d4 piercing damage and filth fever (Fortitude DC 12); the target is now considered to be grappled)

Effect wretched wire (+10 ranged touch, 1d4 slashing damage)

Effect leg sweep (1d6 bludgeoning damage; succeed on a DC 18 Reflex save or fall prone)

Effect suffocation (target suffocates; starting DC of the Constitution checks is DC 13)

Escaping the hammock requires a DC 25 Escape Artist check. The hammock has hardness 1 and 15 hit points. The fishing wire can be cut; it has 1 hit point.

Next Installment

Unfortunate victims are out to get the trapsmith in “Get Gavin.”

(This post is Product Identity.)

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